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  1. thanks milktrayman will check the threads out
  2. hi all claimed back over £3000 about 3 months ago about 4 days before there time was up they paid up using there own soliciter mr bacon. going for them again for over £4000 this time on another account everything was as normal until i had the court papers back and now eversheds are defending. they have until 7 july to defend or pay up but i am getting the silent treatment off them pretty much the same as i had with nationwide until they paid up. so in a nutshell just wondering if eversheds deal with things any differently to nationwide.
  3. daniel go to the money saving expert website there is an interest calculater there. there is also a thread on here somewhere that tells you how to word your claim so they take you seriously.
  4. hi daniel i got over £3000 back about a month ago stick with this site and read as many threads as you can they will take you all the way and hope you give up stay focussed and you will get your money. got mine back 24 days after mcol was filed
  5. thanks for that sara thought nationwide were difficult
  6. hi midge may not be much help but ive just got £3000 back from nationwide without sending a single spreadsheet to them or the courts.
  7. thanks chloe but isnt yorkshires head office in glasgow
  8. hi all just about to to get started on the yorkshire bank can anyone please tell me the address to get my statements from thanks
  9. hi jen do the mcol when you can they wont pay up until you do this got mine back yesterday mcol filed 3rd april payed up after 24 days of defending the claim. dont worry too much you will get it back its a great feeling they paid me £3053
  10. also had letter today elmo telling me after careful consideration they cant give me my money back. best letter they have sent me yet.
  11. mcol served 3rd april nw had until 1st may to respond emailed mr bacon last night £3000 paid in 4 different ammounts. keep going everyone you will get it
  12. well elmo looks like we both got it at the same time congratulations
  13. £3000 paid in today in 4 payments
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