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  1. Thanks Krissy, Yes i expect they will close my accout (shame!), i've just opened another so i'm going to start transfering things accross next week
  2. They have PAID UP ! ! ! ! Yippeeee. Received a cheque for the full amount of £443.55 yesterday - the letter enclosed reads: "We have received from Northampton County Court a claim you have issued. We have now reviwed your particular case and have decided in this instance to settle the claim. The decision should not be regarded as an admission of liability on the part of the Company, as we consider the charges to be fair and reasonable. We therefore enclose our cheque of £443.55 which is paid in full and final settlement of your claim. Would you please acknowledge receipt and write to the Court confirming that the case has been settled. As it is clear that you do not accept the terms and conditions for the operation of your account we will shortly be contacting you to discuss its future operation" yay!! I'm actually very surprised they paid out quickly - i know my claim is relatively small compared to some on here, and i was quite prepared to go to court - MCOL was issued on 16th May and they acknowledged it almost straight away, so i was preparing for the defence coming from the solicitors. So, i hope this will give some of you just starting encouragement to continue - The FAQ's are VERY VERY helpful so please read them and follow all the instructions to the letter - i followed the timetable precisely and it worked a treat. This site has been a godsend and i will be donating as soon as the cheque clears. All the best - Rogue
  3. A & L Have acknowledged my claim, so that means they have 28 days i guess Just happens to fall when i'm away on holiday - typical!
  4. Hi, your next step is to file a cliam with your local court or MCOL 14 days after you sent the LBA. Ignore A&L's response, it's just them time wasting. Check out the FAQ's section at the main forums page, the link below is particularly good - it gives you all the details and time scales you need http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-example-step-step-instructions.html You can even link to the wording you should use on you claim form, which has been a big help to me as i was quite nervous about doing MCOL! Also, there's a 'quick links' button in the top blue box, if you click on this and then on 'Subscribed Threads', you'll quickly find your own thread. I only mention this as i used to spend ages finding mine until someone told me about this Good Luck with your claim. Rogue
  5. An update, Had a response to my LBA which was a letter saying they were looking into the complaint and a copy of their complaints procedure! Anyway, ignored their attempt at stalling and filed MCOL yesterday (16th may). 2 copies of Schedule of charges also sent to MCOL. Hopefully they'll pay up quickly as my claim is relatively small (£450). I'll try to keep this updated. Rogue
  6. It's just been on the ITV News - S**T only filed MCOL about an hour ago :o It did say though that it wasn't binding, but still it's a worry.
  7. Right, Just been reading around and here is the link to Bank Fodders 'Particulars of Claim' text http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html Theres a calculation of how to work out the daily rate. Rogue
  8. Hi Synaptyx, I'm at the same stage as you, i'm off down the court tomorrow to file my claim. My spreadsheet looks just like yours! How i've interpretted it is that the 'Interest' column on the right hand size IS the 8% judicial interest you should add, and not the overdraft interest - as far as i'm aware if you are working out the overdraft interest you have to use a different spreadsheet. I'm not bothering with the overdraft interest for mine as my claim is quite small (£375) compared to some and i'm sure the interest would be too as i was generally only over my limit for a day or two. I would double check on the FAQ's but i think then that your £33 is the Judicial 8%. Thats how i'm doing mine anyway...but i'm quite new to this and will probably be proved wrong Rogue
  9. Quick Update! Letter Before Action plus Schedule of Charges sent today 30th April. Rogue x
  10. Thanks for that, i had actually forgot the 8% - i was thinking that you added that only when it got to the court stage. Pass the eggs ;-) Will get everything together ready to send on the 30th, watching your case with interest too! Rogue
  11. Just thought i'd sy 'HI' been watching everyones threads with interest!! My claim is for £350, consisting of paid item fees and unauthorised overdraft fees over the past year or so. Received my Statements in March, after sending the Data Protection SAR back in January (they took almost 40 days!) but just had a short spell in hospital so my claim was put on hold for a few weeks. Prelim letter and schedule of charges sent 16th April - received a reply within 3 days stating they didn't think charges were unfair, terms and conditions were made clear, OFT report was about Credit Cards charges etc etc. Of course that will scare me of! PAH , roll on 30th April for LBA. Rogue
  12. Thanks to you both for the advice! I've now got the letter ready and it'll be in the post (recorded of course) on monday morning. Thanks again x
  13. Hi, i need to get my previous statements from A & L as i don't have them all with me. My question is that i have 1 personal account and also a joint account with my husband. Can i get both account details with Data protection letter (and £10 chq) or do i have to do one for my account and a seperate one for the joint account. I understand that i'll have to do a seperate claim for each accounts, but didn't know if i could get the info together (and save me £10!!). Thanks for your advice!
  14. Hi, I'm new to this forum so -HI everyone! I'm just in the process of getting my statements together and working out the amount i've been charged on my A&L current account - so far i think it will be around £300 over the last 2 or so years. I'm preparing for the fact they'll probably close my account - which is not really a problem, but i also have a £15000 loan over 5 years with them (been running for about 9 months and no missed payments or anything) - Could they make me repay that too?? Don't know if anyone has any experience with this. Also i have 2 current accounts with them - 1 in just my name, and a joint account one with my husband - can i claim back charges on both accounts in the same claim. Many Thanks in advance for your help.
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