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  1. ive had a read around about ppi but i could't find a SAR template, should i just use the bank charge SAR template to ask for my statements? also do i need to ask for a copy of my terms and conditions in this letter as well? Thanks Brucie
  2. Hi when i was a student i took out a credit card with lloyds and took ppi with it, does this count as mis-selling because i wasn't in full-time employment so i had no income to insure? i did have a part-time job but this was only for a few hours per week, have any other students been successful in getting their ppi back? Thanks Brucie
  3. im claiming against BC and they sent me the usual letter offering the difference between £12 and the charges, this worked out at £250 (my claim is for £650), i just went ahead and sent my prelim letter and in this i rejected the £250, i recieved a letter back saying they wouldn't refund this, im off to file a small claim tommorrow but i have just recieved a statement for my credit card and they have credited £250 onto it! However, i closed this account at the start of the year and i don't even have a card for it! Has anyone got any suggestions what i should do now? should i contact BC and ask them to refund he £250 as cash and then proceed with the claim (minus the £250) Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Brucie
  4. Hi Loco, just wondering if you have had your Barclaycard case settled yet? Im just about to file a small claim against Barlclaycard at Glasgow Sheriff Court, can i ask you what address you put for BC on your small claims form? Thanks
  5. thanks eileen i checked my account this morning and they had put the rest of the money in! i called court and they said that lloyds were still intending to defend?! think il just go to the hearing to tell them ive settled, i doubt i will be seeing anyone from lloyds there since they have given me all my money already!
  6. has anyone else had a preliminary hearing at glasgow court? i filed a small claim against lloyds and a few days after i filed my claim i recieved a letter saying they would refund my charges within 10 days, they posted this letter before i filed my claim though so i sent a rejection letter saying that i had started court action and that i wanted my court fee(£39) and 8% interest (£70) back aswell. they went ahead and refunded my charges only(£562) but i still havent got my court fee and interest, when i phoned the day after my return date the court said they had put in a defence! do i have to take anything with me to the court on thursday? is it likely that lloyds will even show up? does the judge decide whether i am entitled to the interest? any advice woud be much appreciated!
  7. cant get through to andover at all!! must be busy with all these people wanting their money back! i have used one of the rejection letter templates and have emailed it and also sent it by recorded delivery aswell, i want all my money back!!
  8. recieved a reply to my lba from lloyds today (a month since i sent it!) it offers me a full refund of my charges! however i filed a small claim against them last week so i woud like my court fee and 8% interest from them! should i phone up the place in andover and tell them this? or should i write them a letter? im not very assertive so i am a bit nervous about phoning them up! any advice would be appreciated! thanks
  9. hi i am claiming for my partners mum for her lloyds account, charges come to £2500. the 14 days since the lba was sent is nearly up, at first i was going to go down the fos route but after reading up on this it seems a lot quicker to use 2 summary causes instead through glasgow sheriff court! i just have a few questions if anyone can help 1/ has anyone been unsuccessful with a summary clause ? 2/ has anyone else split their claim into more than one summary cause and had it thrown out of court because it is "abusing" the system? 3/ is the £1500 limit before interest? thanks in advance
  10. have return date of 7th june, hearing date 14th june, getting excited now!!
  11. also i would like my thread moved to the scottish forum if poss, does anyone know how to do this?
  12. just back from glasgow sheriff court and have filed my small claim for 560 plus interest! dont know what i was worried about cos it couldnt have been easier! the clerk was so helpful and friendly, said my forms were filled in perfectly (i copied scotias template so thankyou!) just waiting now for lloyds to pay up!!
  13. hey, the 14 days since i sent my lba have passed with no reply! i am just filling in my claim for the small claims court and i was wondering if anyone who has filed a small claim for lloyds can help me? for the address for lloyds should i put the address for the branch where i opened my account or the lloyds head office address? thanks
  14. thanks for the advice! I also have a quick question about my own claim if anyone can help? it is for less than £750 and it has nearly been 14 days since i sent my LBA, i am having a look at the court forms so i can have these prepared and it says to attach my spreadsheet with the charges, i was just wondering do i add 8% interest onto this spreadsheet or just leave it as a list of the charges? thanks
  15. hi, I am helping my partners mum claim back her charges but because her charges are over £750 (they are £2500) i am unsure how to do this, i sent away the prelim letter asking for the full amount back but now i have read that in scotland you can only claim £750 at a time, can anyone offer any advice? thanks
  16. will be sending the letter by recorded delivery tomorrow! thanks
  17. hi everyone, this is my first post! i sent away my prelim letter to Lloyds 14 days ago, i have not recieved a reply yet but i didnt send it by recorded delivery though, i sent it to Customer Care, Lloyds TSB, 125 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3SF Should i just go ahead and send the LBA letter anyway? any advice would be appreciated
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