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  1. can anyone point me to a useful thread please. i have got all the way to the court stage with HSBC intending to defend (i won't hold my breath). just found out from my local court that they are not sending out an AQ for me to complete but haven't asked for anything in its place. should i send the court manager a full breakdown or just wait? thanks in advance
  2. I am a director of an agency dealing with UK accommodation and once had the pleasure of being taken to court (by someone who stayed at the property for the entire holiday complained only after they left and would only accept all their money back, no negotiation). Although the judge acknowledged that the contract of hire existed between the owner of the accommodation and the guest, he didn't care and still ordered me to pay half the money back as the money had been paid to my company (even though the owners/lions share had been moved on). So my advice is still to chase the person that you paid your money to.
  3. Well done Roosterrs. Just thought I'd let everyone know the contact emails (that get there) when dealing with DG when HSBC defending/AQ stage. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] both bounce back for me. this is the stage i am at with my claim (£2800+, previously rejected £1300). my wife settled at £900 of an £1100 claim (i let her off because she is pregnant!). Good luck everyone!
  4. i think that was their intention. DG are actually a part of HSBC. there are a few threads about them. my wife settled with hsbc before going to court, as she didn't fancy going through the process (she got £898.00 of an £1100 claim) but hsbc's offer to me was £1300 of a £2000+ claim. so for all their bluster about being confident of their legal position etc etc, they are still prepared to pay you a great deal of money to make you go away. doesn't sound much like a bank to me. i phoned to get £50 charges removed (having looked after my account carefully for about two years but not the previous four!) and was told to get lost! hence the legal claim and my refusal of their offer. stick with it and stick it to them!
  5. Hello there. I've recently filed against HSBC and received the same thing. I did it online so it is just an acknowledgment from the court saying that HSBC have 28 days to respond. I wouldn't worry that a solicitor has responded to the court. 19 days left for me to wait, not sure if they'll defend or not but it should be fun either way.
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