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  1. day after I posted on here they emailed to apologise for the delay and to asked me to resubmit my payslips by email as they didn't go through properly on my application, then to ring them to process the deferment over the phone. deferment was sorted and the 25 year expiry date confirmed. showing on website as deferred now.
  2. all sorted out now thankfully! deferment granted and arrears as a result of late processing removed
  3. Hi I have student loans now owned by Erudio which are due to expire this October due to 25 year rule. Every year I have deferred with no problems. This year I have sent two deferral forms one by post in March and another one online in April after I was sent a letter saying my payment was due in May as I had not deferred. Still not processed...now my deferral period has expired. I suspect they are trying to mess me about so that I default and then will no longer be eligible for the loans to expire in Oct. When I ring their number the recorded message just says they are dealing with a large number of deferrals and to hang up. No reply to emails. Just wondering what the next step should be.... whether to bother trying to ring them or see what letters they send out. They do not have my bank details. Obviously will fight them if they attempt to default the account, as at least I have proof that I submitted the deferment.
  4. thanks for that! would you believe that I got two letters from crap1 today. One standard reply from Mr Udy about the charges and the other inviting me to apply for a crap1 card with a choice of designs (fluffy kitten or tiger?) and a 39.9% interest rate. made me even more determined to file for the rest!
  5. Hi there. I am about to fill in an N1 form. My initial claim was for £300 worth of charges and £28.91 interest on those charges. Cap 1 refunded £120 into my account which I declined. I sent them a LBA requesting giving them permission to take the £120 out of my account because I was rejecting their offer. However they have not replied and so now I have to fill in an N1 form. I don't think they have taken the £120 back out of my account. Do I claim £328.91 or £208.91 I am unsure what to do and today is the deadline!
  6. HI there. I sent my SAR to Littlewoods visa (barclaycard) on 3rd Feb and recieved my statements today! I have roughly estimated about £450 worth of charges just got to put them on the spreadsheet now!
  7. Hi I had a debt which was sold from MBNA to 1st Credit. Due to my income taking a nose dive I have been paying token payments to all my creditors as I could no longer afford my CCCS payment each month. Anyway, 1st Credit passed it to Connaught Collections (who I found out are owned by 1st Credit). I was getting sick of my debts being passed all over the place as I was losing track of who to send my token payments to so I sent CCA requests to all the DCAs currently after me. ANyway I sent a CCA to Connaught along with a £1 postal order. They returned the postal order straight away with a letter saying they were closing my file and sending it back to 1st Credit. This letter was dated 5th Feb. Then today I get a letter from Connaught dated 9th Feb which is identical to the letter I first recieved off them saying they now had sole control of the debt and threateneing a stat. demand/bankruptcy stuff. I'm not bothered about the content of the letter because from what I've read on here it is a standard letter they send out as a scare tactic. I have also sent a CCA request to 1st Credit. I plan on just waiting for them to produce a CCA. Just wondered why they have sent me this letter again? I plan on resuming token payments to 1st credit once they produce the paperwork with a view to F+F settlement when I have more money coming in (in my dreams, I am debt free! ;-))
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