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  1. car clamped this morning for unpaid parking ticket. baliliff clamped my car with amount owing £95 but bailiff costs of £270.49 can he add thsi amount on i need to no asap before they debit my debit card.
  2. dont worry all windows and doors are locked curtains drawn and blinds down. i have not let him in before so i do know my rights and he will not be gaining entry throw me.
  3. well just got the letter out of the debt folder!! and actually it states equita certificated bailiffs have beeb instructed to seize your goods and sell them at public auction in order to discharge the above debt. to date, you have failed to settle the outstanding amount and unless full payment is received immediately we shall have no alternative but to recommend to our client that committal to prison proceedings is commenced against you. dated 16/07/2007
  4. yep i have read all the reply threads from my last lot and am back in the know. i did try and get the LC to take back the debt before but had no luck what so ever they just said it was out of there hands and showed me the door. i have been waiting for them to pass back the debt after 3 months i thought they would of done. my idea was as he can only charge me for one more call which i suppose will be tomorrow i would ignore him go out or something making sure all windows and doors are locked!! then wait for them to return the debt to LC not sure if that is the right thing to do though!!
  5. well i didnt really get left like anything i paid the £300 down at the LC office which reduced the debt to £649 the bailiff was supposed to call the following week but never did so thats how it got left!! a few letters from equita stating they would hand the debt back to LC and advice them to start prison preceedings but never heard anymore until today when he knocked on the door!!
  6. please read new thread as less replys to read through and new update!! waited for bailiff to call and 3 months later knocking my door!!
  7. well in july i had a letter from equita about the unpaid council tax i owed, around the sum of £1000 went and paid £300 at my LC office so now outstanding is £649 plus any bailiff fee's added on!!! the bailiff told me he was going to call at my address to remove goods in a weeks time so i waited and waited hid the car locked all windows and doors etc but he never called. but now over 3 months later i ahve had a hand delivered letter (because i didnt answer the door) stating he would be back in 24 hrs for payment in full or he will remove goods whther i am in or not. i know i have been naughty in not paying anymore off the debt in the last 3 months. i am now nearly 3 months pregnant and could do without the stress and ideas or advice on what i can do to get me out the sticky situation.
  8. well 3 months later and the bailiff has demanded full payment within 24 hours or he intends to come back and remove my goods. after reading up on this i know the in's and outs of the whole thing now i am nearly 3 months pregnant i really dont need this stress!! any advice on what i shell do i dont have the £649 he is asking for thats without the bailiff fee's on top of that. he has only called once so i think he can only add a further £24.50 on so far.!!!
  9. hello im trying to find a telephone number for customer relations so i can trcak what is happening with my claim of £2337.93. i sent my prelim and LBA letters on time and received a letter stating they are considering my claim and given the work involved they will respond in 6-7 weeks well it has been 9 weeks now and still not heard back from them.
  10. what on earth shell i do then i cant keep my kids under lock and key every day until the bailiff decides to show his face because as far as he was concerned i had the money for him. (which i dont and dont intend to)
  11. well i was in hiding all day with both doors locked all windows shut blinds down curtains drawn and the bloody bailiff didnt even turn up how frusted am i!!! so im not quit sure what to do now??? shell i call the bailiff direct to see why he didnt call because now im worried he will turn up when im not expecting him as i regulary have my back door open so my daughter can play in the garden
  12. thanks for your advise i will set up a standing order tomorrow if i can! i have got the bailiff due to my house some time tomorrow so i will have to see what the outcome is but once council agree for me to pay my last yrs bill by installments i will get it sorted!!
  13. thanks for your reply smaskedbobo i know all the low downs on the bailiff ie lock all windows doors etc hide car, as they can call really early in the morning it will be hard for me to get out of the house until after breakfast as having 2 young kids its not like i can just get up and go!! but as soon as im up and ready i will be doing a runner!!!
  14. hello i am due a visit from a bailiff on thursay to collect my partly unpaid council tax bill for last year! with the help of herbie i have found out that the appointed bailiff asigned to collect this debt is certified but he doesnt work for the company the court stamped his certificate to. is there anything i can do about this? what? any advice please as the bailiff is due at my door THIS thursday (12th) and if there is a way i can stall him from coming would be helpful....
  15. well i am in the same position! equita are not only extremely rude when you phone them but very unwilling to help i phoned them today just to get that balance on my account and to make sure the £300 i paid straight to my LC came off my bill, would they tell me! no i sorry you need to contact your bailiff and put the phone down on me... i couldnt believe it!! pm the name of your bailiff we might have the same one!!
  16. i dont like paying by direct debit because my other half gets paid weekly so the date of the month never falls on the same day as he gets paid so i would rather pay it in as soon as he gets paid that way i know it has been done and i havent got a threat of bank charges being applied to my account if the direct debit doesnt go through!!
  17. i have tried typing my card details in but it comes up with the same page asking you to put the correct card number and it is highlighted in red i have tried tried and tried and double check the details im putting in are correct but still no luck
  18. i know its so stupid if someone is going to pay there bill then they should except all payments including any card debit or credit!! but ill just take a stroll every month and pay it in over the counter at least then i get a receipt in my hand
  19. i have looked into it and my LC dont except visa electron online or over the phone!! so i have to go to my local housing office and pay it in over the counter i have tried paying it online in the past but it does state they Dont except visa electron or american express. i have set up a payment plan with the LC as i paid £411 with brought my payments up to date for this yrs bill so i just carry on as normal with that only paying monthly.
  20. well that was a waste of time wish i never even phoned now because i got the third degree. why have you paid us when you should of paid the bailiff etc. oh well ill just sit tight wait for the bailiff to arrive and then carry on paying installments direct to the LC until the debt is clear. ready for a total fresh start next yr. i am never getting myself in this situation again..
  21. i cant pay online because i only have a visa electron card ! and i will contact the council now and see if they can do what u suggested and add the £411 + £300 together and take them off last yrs bill instead of seperate then pay exta installments to clear this yrs. ill get on the phone now
  22. yes i did get a receipt i also phone the council office for council tax and told them what id done but the money wont show on my account until tomorrow so ill call them and make sure the money i paid today has come off last yrs bill not this yrs.
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