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  1. I asked for a breakdown back in November which was debt £544.06, statutory visit fees £42.50, levy fee £39.00 total £625.56 - total received £461.10 balance £164.46 A payment of £43.00 was made in December Bringing balance to £121.46 which I paid today But because the recent bailiff visited 21.01.13 He some how got the figure £82.96 owed (which was wrong) plus added £248.50 bailiff costs Hope this makes sence
  2. I've already been charge the first and second fee by previously bailiffs trying to collect the same debt but were also unsuccessful : ) He's trying to collect his bailiff fees of £248.50 he so kindly added to my original debt!
  3. Bailiff has been informed that I have made payment direct now he says he will return tonight or tomorrow morning with a locksmith : ( Is he able to access my house with the aid of a locksmith even though he has no levied anything or even entered my property previously ????
  4. I can still log in to my council account which states amount outstanding for all tax years is £121.46 On his inventory form he states amount outstanding for council tax is £82.96
  5. Hi all, we owed our previous council - council tax. Recently had a equita bailiff call and produced a notice of seizure and inventory goods form (form 7 & 8) Inventory of goods was my car! Now the amount owing to council is wrong and he also added £248.50 in bailiff costs. Today I have made direct payment to the council for the full amount outstanding so the debt with the council is now clear. But because his bailiff fees are still outstanding can he still call to collect my car??? Quick response would be appreciated as he's due back today : (
  6. I ment he is willing to take weekly installments of £150 which we must ring him each Friday with card details for him to process, if we any installment then he will be back to take car, I'm not happy paying him or the extra £240 so I want to pay direct to council but if I do this then he will obviously come and retrieve the car even though payment has been made just via equita
  7. we owe £710 he wants £950 extra £240 problem is if i dont pay him direct each week then he is just going to come back to get the car - im going to try pay direct to the council as much as i can each week but soon he will be back
  8. he got a mortgage in his name but we were both on the council tax bill !! even so me and my partner still live together but at different property than the one being chase for the outstanding council tax bill. so i would still have a bailiff knocking my door regardless
  9. no i didnt let him in the house, but car was parked on the drive! yes he handed me an inventory of the car listed! i know not to let him in my property keep all windows and dorrs closed etc. from feb 2009 - dec 2010 the debt was coming out of jsa then my partner got a full time job then became self employed april this year payments have been regular weekly since april this yr minus a few missed payments.
  10. my partner has just spoke to bailiff and he will only except £150 a week for 6 weeks for cover the £900 my council tax bill is only £710 he wants direct payments to him weekly over the phone.
  11. no i dont fall into any of them catagories, the debt is in mine and my partners name for a property he owned which was repossced 2 yrs ago, my partner is a self employed scaffolder and im unable to claim any benefits but also dont work. our out goings are £375pw but some times he doesnt earn that a week thats why sometimes i have missed an installment. but with little to spare each week we are not likely to be seeing that amount in the very near future.
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