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  1. Hi, They have phoned again with even more abuse! The first time I hung up on them and they phoned 3 more times. I warned them that I had nothing to say to them over the phone and that they must put everything in writing. At this point they told me that they would be issuing a statutory demand and that I had no option to pay the full amount withing the next 18 days! Otherwise I would be declared bancrupt! I didn't reply to his demand and promptly put the phone down, but this has shaken me again. Can they do this???? I have sent them the CCA letter as suggested in the earlier threads, today, but obviously if they have 12 days to reply to me and I only have 18 days before they make me bancrupt. Any suggestions / help will be very much appreciated.
  2. I am in mortgaged accomodation. I have only had my house for a year and can't stand the thought of losing it. Where will I find the templates on this site, I'm new to this:| Also, what do I do if they phone again? They were really nasty on the phone and I'm scared of what they will dfo if I just hang up on them? Sorry to sound like an idiot, but this thing has really knocked me for six and I'm scared of losing my home. Thanks for everyones continued help!
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me? I've been threatened by Ruthbridge over a loan I took out with Welcome Finance in June 2002, for £1200. I completely forgot about the debt ( my own stupid fault ) and have moved house 3 times since then. Ruthbridge have now told me that I have to pay them £2756 or they will make me bankcrupt. I have checked my credit file and there is not a CCJ from them on there, but it does show that they have bought the debt in 2006 and that I have 'defaulted' on it. I have spoken to Welcome Finance and they informed me that the debt was sent to 3/4 different collection companies, but that it has now been sold, so they can't help me any further. Ruthbridge have given me until Wednesday 21st to get back to them 'or bancruptcy proceeding will be instigated'. I'm not in a position to take out a loan to pay this money back and they won't accept installments ( I didn't offer - he told me that I must pay the full amount and that nothing else would be considered ). Can anyone help or offer any advise on my situation, I don't want to lose my home!
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