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  1. Hi all, Had a claim in court stayed in November 2007 for £2800 (approx) against HSBC. My financial situation has now changed due to the fact that I am a housewife and my partner is now unemployed. I have taken advice from a debt management agency and am currently writing to HSBC concerning the accounts, loans and credit cards we have with them (for this I have supplied them with a financial statement and a list of my crediters). I have totalled up the charges they have imposed since my claim which went to courtand they are another £2900. I would like HSBC to look at my original stayed c
  2. The stay remains in place, but I do have to say that all in all was not that bad an outcome. The solicitor from Dg approached as soon as he heard I was there to inform me he was going to apply for a stay in this claim. When I asked why he looked really happy and proceeded to inform me about OFT test case. I pointed out I knew all of this but a stay had already been imposed by the court it self 3 days ago and that I was present to appeal this stay, I can only say Gobsmaked!!!!!! We went into chambers Judge very nice went through appeal etc. I then pointed out that as I entered Judgement 4 d
  3. thanks again will keep informed I feel that it all depends on the judges view before we even get their though. will let everyone know what happens once I'm back.
  4. Thank you, am starting to read through documents again. I still havent presented any docs to court or DG I just sent Witness statement to support application to lift order of stay, OFT's particulars of claim and settled cases sample. Would I need to take with me a copy for court and DG of other docs in my bundle ie. Human rights act 1998, CPR Part 1 & 3, BBC transcript OFT may compromise on bank case. In which case should i number and index them as I did with original court bundle?
  5. I think I will need luck head spinning don't know what Im ging to hacve to face and just need to hope can argue my case once their as am having difficulty relating anybody elses advice to my particular case. One just never knows what could happen on the day am just going to make over-riding objection being that judgement should have already been granted prior to stay being imposed.
  6. I have done a copy of the stay bundle but havent sent one to either courts or DG should i take copies for them tomorrow? Am i right that I am unable to use CPR 3.3 (5) and 3.9 as the courts have applied the stay not HSBC. Leaving me only with my arguement being that I requested judgement on 22nd September due to the defendant not issueing their court bundle by the 20th September as dirrected by the court. The order for stay was dated 26th September?
  7. my hearing tomorrow is to appeal against the stay that has ben placed by the court, I am pursueing for 2 accounts both of which are still active and currently in agreed overdraft limit. I have drafted witness statement of which i have already sent copies to both court and DG.
  8. in light of the unfortunate events today with AGE I understand she feels unable to give advice although I am sure it was awkward judge not her advice but please could someone look at my case as I now feel completely unarmed for my hearing tomorrow morning. Thank you
  9. sorry to hear it didnt go the right way, looks like they are getting craftier, I guess my outcome tomorrow wont be much better. Heres to January and the next round
  10. The original directions for claim. Hearing date 11/10/07 11.00am 1. This case is one of a number listed at the same time. Both parties must be ready for trial at that time. Depending on the number of cases proceeding on that date, the judge will give directions as to the order in which they will be heard, which may involve grouping cases raising similar issues and/or adjourning some cases to a later date. 2. The claimant shall by the 6th September send to the defendant and to the court:- a. A schedule setting out each charge the claimant seeks to recover showing the date, amount and reas
  11. didnt realise your hearing was today all the best will catch up after to discus my directions thanks for help and support already given.
  12. original court date was for small claims track hearing. I needed to have court bundle in by 6th sept (which i did) DG should have sent theirs in by 20th Sept (they did not). on the 22nd sept applied for judgement (no response), on the 26th sept had general form of judgement or order. "Before district judge etc...... Upon reading the court file It is ordered that appearing that the proceedings have been bought by OFT etc...... And upon this case having been listed for a hearing eith a time estimate which ios clearly insufficient fo the case to be heard And upon the parties havin
  13. I have also seen some reference to the london case what is this and how would I be able to get a copy? Thanks for help and support only got 1 day before court hearing.
  14. I'm sure I'm being a bit thick but have been going through as many relevant threads to stay hearings and can't find any arguments relevent to my case. The judge has ordered the stay it was not requested by DG Solicitors although they informed me that they intended to apply. Can I still use the arguments regarding CPR 3.3 and 3.9 in this instance? If it is helpful to gain advice I will copy details of order to have relevent info. In the letter I submitted regarding appeal against stay I included witness statement OFT particulars and a sample of claims.:?
  15. I have not sent a bundle to the courts or DG regarding appealling to have stay lifted. I just sent a witness statement along with copy of OFT particulars of claim, and settled claims sample. Would i need to take along a copy of bundle for courts and DG as with no post could not get them there by thursday?
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