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  1. I just thought I'd post list for your chuckles I noticed a Default on my credit file. So wrote to Lowell Group requesting CCA etc etc. Finally got a letter from Naturally Close (Lingerie catalogue) I'm a man, and not that way inclined! Anyway, Naturally Close quoted "The Account was originally opened on 18th Feb 2007" and "We are under no obligation to supply you with a signed copy of your agreement at this time. However please find enclosed a Reconstituted "True Copy" of your agreement allong with the terms and conditions..." blah blah.. Firstly, no such agreement has been signed by me, so unsure how it can be a Reconstituted "True Copy", and secondly, the address on the copy is my current address. I wasnt living at my current address in Feb 2007, nor was I for at tleast 4 years after. They sent two different copies of the "CCA" Page 1 of one "CCA" states 39.6% interest. Page 1 of the other states 36.9% Both with the incorrect address for when the agreement was taken out.. Funny how when I brought this to the attention of Lowell, and have been chasing them weekly for 6 weeks, that they dont reply. I've just opened a case with the Financial Ombudsman.
  2. Just received this. .. Dear Douglas, Earlier*today, an erroneous email message was sent to a number of QuickQuid customers. This email was sent in error and should be disregarded. We are working diligently to determine*how this happened*and apologise for any inconvenience or alarm this message may have caused. Any customers who wish to speak with a QuickQuid representative should contact0808 234 4558.**Please note, our call centre is currently receiving a high volume of calls and therefore customers may experience longer wait times than normal.* Regards, Arad Levertov QuickQuid
  3. Having NEVER had a QQ loan, I got this via email this morning.. (Would love to know how they got my name and email address..) Check out the huuge amounts they are asking for! SUBJECT:- Extended Repayment Plan Available: Prevent Sale To 3rd Party Collectors BODY:- Dear [DELETED], Customer ID: [DELETED] Unless payment is made on your loan by 2 August 2013 it may be sold to a third party collection agency. To help you prevent this transfer your defaulted loan balance has been referred to the QuickQuid Final Resolution Department. QuickQuid will accept a re-payment plan over n/a months. Based on your outstanding balance of n/a this would be a monthly payment of n/a. Please contact our Final Resolution Department between 08:00 and 21:00 Mon - Fri at 0800 016 3114 to accept this offer or to learn about other options available. It is important to provide dates of payment when replying to this e-mail as the arrangement is incomplete without dates of payment. Once a payment plan is in place, collections activities will stop as long as payments are made on time. The only forms of payment accepted for this offer are Debit Card or Direct Debit Mandate. If your account information has changed please inform our agents so they can update your information. QuickQuid Final Resolution escalation@quickquid.co.uk 0800 016 3114 www.QuickQuid.co.uk QuickQuid | 0800 016 3114 | escalation@quickquid.co.uk | Privacy Policy | Call free from landlines. Mobile phone companies may charge up to 40p per minute. CashEuroNetUK LLC is a limited liability company incorporated in the United States. Head Office: 200 W. Jackson Blvd. 14th Floor, Chicago, USA. Correspondence Address: 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS. Consumer Credit Licence #603395
  4. Hi. Bit of a predicament.. I signed up with a letting agency end of May 2008. The letting agreement had a condition on it that the landlady was going to renovate the kitchen as it was in a terrible state, and non-functional.. She then decided she wasn't going to renovate the kitchen, and it was agreed between myself and the agency that I should leave.. 3 months had passed. 1 months rent was paid initially, along with a depost of 1 month, and I paid one months rent after. The owner of the house is now suing me for 6 months rent, and has taken all of the deposit that I left with the agency. The total court bill is now £3000.. I wasn't present for the hearing as it was issued at the address of the tenancy.. I will be applying for it to be set aside.. What do I do? She's enlisted the help of a solicitor..
  5. She said she had one.. Cant move providers without one.. Anhy ideas how she can write a F&&k off and get a life letter to them.?!?!
  6. Hi! I'm writing this on behalf of my work collegue. Her and her partner USED to be TalkTalk (Tiscali BB) customers, and moved to AOL May 2008... Happily using AOL since, they've now recieved a DC letter from SRJ Recoveries.. She called SRJ, to ask what it was about. They claimed she owed Tiscali money.. She then phoned Tiscali, and asked why. They said, that she owes BB rental since May 2008 at £360... She told them that she cancelled in May 2008 and have been a happy AOL customer since, and they said "PROVE IT"! Any advice please?!?!
  7. Hi. Really sorry if this is in the wrong area, but it was the closest to the subject. I'm posting on behalf of a friend.. She bought a flat in oxford 3 years ago, and as part of that, she had to pay a Charge to an agency for "Ground Rent and Service Charge" This was £600 per year in advance. They have recently written to her, stating that the charge is now £750 pa in advance, and that they have made a mistake and it always should have been £750 pa, and that she now owes £450 "back charges" and the £750 = £1200 payable immediately. Firstly, she cant afford that! She also believes that this is unfair, both the back charges and rise in charges.. They also won't let her have some sort of payment plan. They're now instructing solicitors to claim off of my friend.. Any advice?? Thanks for your time!
  8. and yes, I DID have an account with them as mentioned
  9. Hi. Firstly, great site! a MASS of knowledge, that I have used, and refered people to.. Brilliant! Second, apologies if I post this in the wrong area! Anyhoo.. About 3 weeks ago, I got a letter from Lowell Financial, claiming they have BOUGHT a £2419.10 debt from HSBC, and that I'm liable.. Truley unsure what this is.. (I have no mortgage!!) I HAVE had a credit card, and a current account with them in the past! After reading through this forum, I sent them a CCA reuest letter, enc a postal order etc etc.. I recieved this this morning, now what??? I don't understand what it could be, and what to do next.. Any advise would be muchly appriciated!!
  10. I apologise Tom. I misread your posts, and jumped to the wrong conclusion! I'm sorry! Thanks all for your input. Made interesting reading! Regards Doug
  11. You seem to think you know alot about my father! Well, obviously not.!! His company moved out there, and he was given the option to follow! Obviously jumped at the chance! "Money In Reserve" ??? I really would like to know where you got your info on him... To be honest, I'm quite offended. When I Cut-n-Paste this info from this thread to him, I WILL make sure I ommit most of your comments! He has zero intention of "Disappearing off the radar". What with the cost of moving, selling house here, buying one there, etc etc, I was just enquiring about options for him! Saying that, I have enjoyed reading the thread! Lots of things to chew on! Thanks Doug
  12. Hi. My Father has moved to the States. He's concerned about the Credit card debt that is still outstanding.. He's aim is to right to the credit card companies, and request that they freeze the accounts so he can pay them off.. Can anyone give me some advise on how to do this if possible, and maybe how to write the letter?? Thanks for your in advance! Doug
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