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  1. I am in the process of filling in the form on mcol, the address for the Alliance and Leicester in Narborough is coming up as not registered in England, do I continue with that address or is there another address, I have tried the one at Bootle and that is coming up the same, Is this a way of them getting out of being taken to court? Please Help!!!!
  2. Waited 14 days, went to fill in form mcol and address at Narborough is coming up as registered outside england, What do I do? Do I continue with that address and the one at bootle is coming up the same, Your help is very much appreciated,
  3. Hi all, I have received a reply to my LBA, saying no can do and they can no longer assist me any further 'their words not mine', apparently you have to wait until the 14 days are up then file your claim, but you can start preparing your claim, you can go to the money claim website and look at the FAQs. Good luck.
  4. Hi, today 30th jan received reply to my LBA, can anyone tell me, do I have to wait until the 14 day deadline has passed before I start my court claim or can I start straight away? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks guys
  5. Hi Amy, I have today posted my Letter Before Action after receiving a bog standard response to my first letter, I wish you luck in your fight, you keep me up to date with how its going and I will do the same. geordiegirl99
  6. Sent first letter asking for charges to be refunded on 17th January, got reply within two days refusing to accept that I had been unfairly charged and the OFT ruling only applied to credit cards and that I had been charged correctly in line with the terms and conditions of my account. Today the 24th January, I have posted my Letter Before Action, not holding out much hope though. 30th Jan got response from A&L from LBA basically saying F off we are unable to assist you any further. Do I have to wait until the 14 days are up before i go to money claim or can I start court action straight away? your help would be appreciated
  7. Hi there, I am new to this site, where will I find the A&L forum?
  8. I have just posted my letter before action to the A&L, wish me luck, because if their first response to my previous letter is anything to go by, I am going to need it.
  9. Geordiegirl99 says Hi to everyone in the CAG community.
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