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  1. An update, as predicted looks like this will now be sorted! Thought it was worth posting again though as it would be worth anyone having problems with the normal complaints route contacting Darren Cornish. Got a phone call yesterday from someone in the CEOs office apologising for what has happened and saying they would refund the 7 payments of £23.48, the £41.18 paid to the debt collection agency and compensation of ~£45. More importantly they will hopefully find a way of preventing unpaid sums of money being passed to debt collection agencies when people have written querying them.
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I understand that the policy renews automatically and I have to pay a mid term cancellation fee however I don't think I should have to pay this when I cancelled the policy 9 months ago and they have continued to collect the premiums. The first time I rang I asked them to find the call but they said that they couldn't as I don't know the exact time and date, I am not absolutely certain I sent the cancellation letter on the same day as I rang, it could have been a couple of days later. Strangely also last August I was told I couldn't cancel by phone whic
  3. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone could advise me. We bought home insurance from Norwich Union in 2005 and this was renewed automatically (at a ridiculously high rate) in 2006. I cancelled the policy by phone and by letter when moving house in August last year. Since then Norwich Union have continued to collect premiums by direct debit (I know stupid stupid stupid for not checking my statements...) and when I realised this we telephoned and complained. They then cancelled the policy over the phone and 2 days later we received a bill for £41.18 for making a mid term cancellation. I
  4. Well finally received the full offer from Natwest, unfortunately a week after I'd started the claim against them! Do I just ignore it? Also how do I know what date the claim was served (for working out my 28 day deadline)? Is this the same as the issue date?
  5. Quick update - my claim has been acknowledged, no idea whatsoever what that means but very excited anyway!
  6. I have submitted a claim (MCOL), wasn't actually that hard even for dizzy me! One question though what do I need to send in terms of my schedule of charges? Just a printout of the excel spreadsheet? Do I need a cover letter? Sorry for being utterly useless but have been trawling this site for most of today and need to get some work done - a link to the info I need would be fantastic?!
  7. Still nothing... Rang again and have been told another 2 weeks, looks like I need to go to the next stage. Bummer.
  8. Thanks Parkvale, bummer about not booking today but I knew really that that would be the advice! Will give it another week before doing the whole court thing, here's hoping they pull their finger out before then and give me my holiday fund!
  9. Thanks everyone for your help and the info. Rang the Borehamwood number this morning and was told by a very nice gentleman that my claim had been authorised in full (£569) and a letter would be going in the post but they currently have a massive backlog and are recruiting more staff etc etc so this probably explains the delays. Is this ok and do I not need to do the next stage now? Am very pleased and am hoping this means I can book our summer holiday this morning, can someone please give me the go ahead?!!!
  10. Thanks to you both, would happily give them a ring but I sent both of my letters to the bishopsgate address? Is this wrong?! Claiming £569 without any interest added. Have been so excited checking the post can't believe they haven't sent me a thing!
  11. Hi everyone Quick question, have sent my first letter and the letter before action but haven't heard a thing from them? Both were sent recorded delivery so I know they got them. The date I gave is this friday and I'm not sure whether to go ahead without any correspondance at all, is this normal and do I proceed as planned?! Thanks! Charlotte
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