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  1. Hi folks, Received full set of statements today relating to my credit card with Capital One from end September 2002 to present. On the first reading I count around £880 worth of charges, (on a card with a 200 limit) I would like to claim compound contractual interest. Over the duration of the account, i have been charged five different monthly rates ranging from 2.207% to msot recently 2.549%. How do I work out what rate of interest to charge? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you glav
  2. Hi all Relatively new to this game, have sent off S.A.R. to Citicards this week but have been reading LTWFB's thread and am a little nervous as I too live in N Ireland. Any updated advice? Ta glav
  3. Hi nervous, Just want to wish you the best of luck, will be watching your thread with interest as I too bank with the Northern and am reading around subject before I send my S.A.R. Loads of charges I know over last six years. Did you open a parachute account? Gail
  4. Many thanks tanz, appreciate that! Have been reading quite a lot, nervous obviously so decided to start with capital one and citicards before I even think about my bank - Northern Bank Ltd. Need to research more on their responses etc. No doubt you will hear from me again soon. Gail
  5. Hi folks, new to this forum. Just posted off S.A.R. today recorded delivery with £10 cheque, no idea how much I can claim back but will need help along the way to work out contractual interest etc. Be in touch soon hopefully! Gail
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