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  1. Hi Andrew, i don't wish to complain about the sale, I;m not happy about the doubling off my premium, had I known this at the outset I would have picked an alternative provider. As I am now a few years older the cost of swtiching will cost me just as much. Thanks
  2. Hi, The premium on my MPPI policy has jumped from £24 to £47 a month. I've read online that consumer groups and the FSA are not happy with this. Is there anyway in which I can complain or perhaps obtain a refund on this astronomical premium increase. I could under stand a £5 increase but £23 is just crazy. Thanks
  3. Jorton


    Hi there a little bit late on this one but Ive had the smae problem on my 25k service. Wrote to FORD and got the same excuse however my service manual clearly states that this is an area the requires regular maintainance. Did you get a satisfactory response from Ford if not did you refer it to anyone?
  4. Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure if that was the right letter as I really wanted to have a go at the person that wrote the letter. I suppose this is the best course of action Thanks muchly
  5. Hi can anyone advise? I have been sent a letter from Lloyds in response to my claim. Basically the letter states that the charges are fair and that this is part of their service. Does anyone have a letter I can used to dispute this? I have tried phoning but was asked to put my concerns in writing, Im not really that good on the phone or writng so any help would be appreciated. I tried looking on the templates section but I could not find anything Thanks for any help
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