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  1. Thanks for the reply's The council were paying me direct because the tenant got the rent and spent it!! so I got it sent direct to me ,seems strange that they are trying to recover the over payment from myself and the tenant, I am under a lot of financial pressure at the moment ,If I have to pay it back do you think I will be able to do it in smallish installments? Many thanks Jezzy
  2. Hi there My tenant from hell has recently vacated my property ,The first thing I know about it is the council tell me they have overpaid me the rent and want it back (£900) .The tenant has left some of her property in the flat and never returned the key, How do I stand in regard to the council and returning the money ? ,I have found a similar letter to the ex tenant from the council so it looks like the council are trying to get the money back from her as well! Many thanks Jezzy
  3. Hi there .I have been busy with other things recently and have not had the time to do any research,I will however be thinking about getting my drive started in the next few months so I will start looking into it then.In my opinion Enfield council do take the p$$s one of my neigbours had a drive recently it took a day and they charged around the £1,500.00 mark .I am a builder and I estimate that the true cost roughly would be as follows These costs are leaning on the extravagant side!! And could be done a lot cheaper. Rubbish removal £180.00 Full 10 ton grabber lorry! I estimate max 1 1/2 ton in reality Materials £150.00 Well over estimated Labour £450.00 For 2 council bods or subbies with small brains paid probably if subbies around £130.00 a day each Total £780.00 Then they want £150.00 ish for the "survey" 1 hours work! Remove any yellow lines etc £150.00 ish 15 minutes work ,but big lorry required!! Grand total £1,080.00 I have estimated they will charge me around £1,500.00 for my drive ,Pay a subcontractor to do it for around £800.00 (guestimate) so they pocket £700.00 ish for an hours work coming out to do a survey Nice work if you can get it Regards Jezzy
  4. Thanks for your input ,That will give me something to get started on, do you think a quotation from a civil engeneers company for a dropped kirb will help my cause? At least I can get a real idea of how much the actual costs are.. jezzy
  5. Thanks for the reply, Why does it not come under monopoly's ? The council have the monopoly and have been raising the price every few years ,I have done a bit of research and it seems a lot of other councils charge a lot less for the same service! This year they are also raising the price of residents parking permits in my road from around £28.00 per year to £90.00 for the first (small) car , a 3 car family with larger cars could end up paying nearly £500.00 per year from less than £90.00! It seems really unfair that they can dictate the prices as they please there is nothing stopping them from raising their prices whenever they want, This would never be allowed ( and possibly illegal)l if it were a private company so why should the local council get away with it! I am determined to at lease explore every legal avenue on a matter of principle as I feel that this is yet again another way of extorting home owners from yet more of their hard earned , ,Any advice gratefully accepted
  6. Hi there ,Thanks for your reply, Interesting link , The "Some councils may allow you to use your own contractor" bit is interesting ,If it were any other service based business a monopoly would not be allowed , I estimate that I could get the same job done by a civil enginering firm for half the cost I am a builder myself and a rough estimate on materials and labour in my opinion would come to around £200.00 for materials and waste disposal , and 2 men at even a inflated £250.00 a day rate that only comes to £700.00 + council consent at £150.00 = around £850.00 Enfield council wants,,,,.. Approx Survey and permission £150.00 Drop kirb and paving £150.00 per metre sq New Road marking lines £150.00 (2,4 metres ) Worked it out for my kirb at around £1,500.00 for a days work!!
  7. Hi all , I am thinking of having a driveway for my house and would be interested on you views regarding Enfield councils stance insisting that only their contractors undertake the work installing a dropped kirb , Other councils it seams have no problem allowing you to appoint your own contractor providing that they meet the required standards and have the relevent insurances etc to undertake works on public highways etc Enfield council are charging around £1,200.00 to£1,500.00 to install a dropped kirb and they seem to be getting more and more expensive each year . I have lived at my present address for12 years and their prices in my road have risen from £800.00 to £1.500.00 for a days work installing the kirb, Have I a legal arguement with the council on that they have a monopoly and therefore it is unfair and also mabey illigal? Bt were forced to rent phone line to other telecoms companys ,and monopolys in other fields of buissenes are forced into sharing the market ,Your views please Regards Jezzy
  8. Hi there Got the paper work back today and it appears that there was a time limit on it ,but i am sure as hell i never spotted it, The reason the bank are saying that they now don't have to pay is that the F.S.A Guidelines state that if an offer the bank makes is not accepted or refused within eight weeks they may consider it closed, Is this the case ? Or can i still move forward on this with court action? On the issue with the contract with the claims company i think i might have them on the fact that they should have informed me on any changes of circumstance that could effect my claim eg NatWest no longer returning money and using it to reduce outstanding debts,This fact i only found out when NatWest made their offer ,If i had known sooner (I was told verbally by a member of the claims company that it was a couple of months prior to my offer) I might have been able to re-asses my claim and make a decision,this i believe amounts to fraudulent misrepresentation ,Also the guy from the claims team advised me to sign and return the offer form after the expiry date without any mention of it being overdue , Please let me know what other information you may need as i have also got a few other docs from my source at the bank regarding this claim.. Many thanks for you advice jezzy
  9. Many thanks Andrew for your reply i will post when i get the paperwork back from them,many many thanks again Jezzy
  10. Hi there I will try to keep this as short as possible, I really need some advice! Being short of time i decided to let a claims company get my business account charges back for me the only reason i went along with them is that they told me that NatWest would refund the money to them and they would take their fees from this, I was worried that as i owe NatWest money it would be knocked off the debt leaving me in further debt with the claims company, Well right at the end i get an offer from NatWest saying and money returned would be credited to my debt, not the original agreement, I spoke to the claims company and they said that NatWest had changed the rules and no longer returned money if any money was owed to them, Thus leaving me in debt with the claims company... i sat on my hands for a month or so and after speaking to the claims company decided to accept the offer and returned the paperwork, now the claims company have told me that NatWest have withdrawn the offer and that i still owe them the grand for the work they have done, I cant remember seeing a time limit on the paperwork and ill know in the next few days when they send it back, the claims company say ive got no chance of getting the money back now as i left it too long , What can i do? Can i put in a court claim to get NatWest to pay? And where do i stand with the claims company ?. my original agreement with them was that they would be paid when NatWest refunded the charges , the rules change and now i have to try to find the money it does no seem fair ,, please help many thanks j
  11. I really need some advice reguarding my Natwest business account claim,I had intended to pursue the claim myself but due to heavy tax debts and always having to work the months passed by and i never seemed to be able to find the time to do the paperwork ,when i was contacted by a claims company i decided that if it was left to me it probably would never happen ,and something back from the banks was better than nothing..so i made the decision to let them,, claim on my behalf.When i spoke to the claims company i told them that as i owe the bank 27k on an overdraught(now being paid in installments after a court order) i was worried that any money to be claimed would instantly come of my debt leaving me with a further debt with the claims company ,,and this was a situation that i did not want, They said that they would find out and soon phoned me back to tell me that the bank would pay the claims company and they would then pay me ,Result or so i thought,,This was the only reason that i decided to instruct them to persue the claim on my behalf. This is what has happened................... 1/ Instructed Wade and co to pursue claim told that statements had been requested and they were due at the begining of august 2/chased wade and co beginning of august and told that bank had not sent statements 3/Phoned wade and co around middle of september and told they had had the statements and that they were claiming about £4,100.00 4/ Recieved letter today 27/09/10 in short as follows am pleased to advise you that natwest have offered a settlement of £3,465.00 this is a reduced amount as natwest amended their terms and conditions in april 2007 and any charges after this time are considered lawful bla bla,,,please sign and return for refund within 21 days,, I thought well least it something ,then looked at the natwest letter stating that if and money is owed to the bank the amount would be deducted from this exactly what i didnt want!! I called wade and co and was told that a couple of months ago nat west stopped sending them the claims cheques and they would be crediting the claimed amount from my debt ,leaving me owing wade and co over a grand that i dont have!! What i find very sus is that all these changes happened a couple of months ago about the time nat west were leagally obliged to provide my statements and didnt,something stinks about this either wade and co are bull~~~~ me or natwest pulled a fast one and deliberatly with-held my statements knowing that the rules were about to be changed and they wouldnt have to refund my money leaving me in debt with the claims company,What do you think? i would never have bothered claiming if i knew i would be getting into more short-term debt,im paying off the 27k at £128.00 a month tax free over 17 years,knocking 3k off the end of this is good but its not helping me now when i really need it.Also can natwest avoid paying after 07 as stated because they changed their t&cs ? Please where do you think i stand? have i got cause to complain? or do i just swallow it and sign the paperwork? Many thanks jezzy
  12. thanks for your replys guys,my friend really enjoys fishing the water in question ,but to have someone out of spite try to stop him joining another club is outragous,like i said hes broken no club rules,just agravated the wrong person, ive been told by someone that if his membership was stopped with the new club after accepting him they would have to give him the reason is this true?
  13. hi there, i would be greatful on opinions ! Afriend of mine was the membership secritary of a local fishing club untill he resigned over an issue which arose where the club had changed membership renewel dates and where basically double charging for a couple of months of the season ,this he did not agree with as no discounts where offered to the members, the website he had supplied to the club free of charge was removed and another one put in its place,however the photographes from his site were taken without his permission and used on the new site. he objected to his photos being poached and used without his permission an asked for them to be removed,which they were ,this angered senior members of the club and he recieved a phone call informing him that his membership of the club will not be renewed, petty at best,, My friend then decided to join a different club that also has access to the lake he enjoys fishing (there are 5 clubs with access to this lake)as so to enable him to continue to fish ,however it has come to light that a senior member of his old club has been phoning round the other clubs to advise them not to allow my friend a membership the spitefull man in question has some influence within the fishing clubs in my area and my friend is worried that this will stop him being able to fish locally , my friend has broken none of the club rules,and is being in my opinion unfairly persecuted by one or more members of his old club for personal reasons ok push him out of one club but to ring round and try to stop him fishing the lake he loves to fish altogether would break his heart ,this cant be right what can he do? many thanks for any advice jezzy
  14. i have told the revenue that the contractors being unco-operative,but they dont care the new system they have implemented is flawed in my opinion you used to get monthly cis tickets and ytou knew where you were, i shall remove my picture
  15. hi there i had tax debts going back a few years totaling about 14.5 k, over the last year i have had an Un-official arangement with them to pay at £5oo.oo per month ,also my 07-08 return was put in and as i had overpaid tax (im a builder) this reduced it and now i owe about 8 k i suggested to the revenue that i could do my 08-09 return early (not due till jan 2010) and this would also help to reduce my debt,the problem is that one of the contractors i worked for is saying he cant give me the information on tax deducted untill his accountant tells him ,this seems to be taking months,the revenue are threatening to take me to court or send the baliffs round if i dont get the return in and will not come to an arrangement till i do even though im still paying £500. a month and its not my fault i cant get the information to complete my return ,and leagally the return dosent have to be in till next year,i feel this is very unfair as i am making payments that i really cant afford already,and im having to work 7 days just to make ends meet,,please help jezzy
  16. hi there Im under pressure and need advice, ive got 2 days to reply to a ccj letter reguarding a buissiness overdraught that is outstanding of 28k theres about 9k of bank charges in this total that im going to claim back but what i would like advice on is the following, my o/d was at 25k and i was struggling the bank phoned me and offered me another 10k over the phone which i accepted ,they sent me the paperwork to sign and return which i didnt ,question are overdraughts like credit cards covered by the cca 77/78 section can they enforce the debt if i havent signed for it? any help in which direction to go would be greatly accepted as im running out of time and the stress is starting to get to me many thanks jezzy:sad:
  17. hi there Els, thanks for your reply im being pressured to sign the forms and im running out of time so i appreciate your reply,in answer to your questions, 1/ im a sole trader 2/ the forms i didnt sign and return 2 years ago were the forms confirming my overdraught raise from 25 to 35 k,the forms they want me to sign now are for a 26k loan to pay off whats left of my overdraught new loan is over 120 months arrangement fee £455.00 interest at 6.5 above base rate p/a at present =11.75p/a 119 payments of £367.56 my existing overdraught interest is approx 9-10 % i think 3/ at this time i have never talked to the bank about the unlawful charges but i do intend to claim them, thanks again jezzy
  18. hi all,, my bank manager wants me to put my existing overdraught into a loan and charge me £500.00 to do so as an arrangement fee, ive just got a letter saying if i dont sign the loan forms and return them a.s.a.p the overdraught will be considered unothourised and ill be` charged 25% or something like that. i thought banks were meant to try to help you out!! i feel like im being bullied and charged for it at the same time ,im not doing the turnover that i was thats why they want to take my overdraught away ,any advise greatly recieved jezzy
  19. hi rory, ive got about five grands worth of bounced cheque and o/d charges on that account and the paperwork they sent was the overdraught agreement form 2 copys agreeing to the extra 10k thanks jezzy
  20. hi there a couple of years ago my bank extended my business overdraught by 10k to 35k it was done over the phone but i never signed and returned the paperwork they sent me,at the time i was starting to get into difficulties and jumped at the chance to extend my o/d, ive paid off 9k but still owe 26k and im getting pressured to put the remainder into a loan that they want to charge me £500 for , my manager says its the banks policy to only lend x per cent of turnover on overdraught (cant remember exact figures) but i remember that to get a 35k o/d i would have had to turn over 250k per year and i was doing about 180k max, i feel that they have over-lent and as i was desperate at the time i was not going to turn it down,are overdraughts classed the same as credit cards as far as cca agreements? have i got an edge possibly to negotiate a deal re the lack of signed documentation ? they never even chased me for it! and i feel that they are not being helpful in my quest to sort out my finances many thanks jezzy
  21. many thanks i think i might be lucky on the signs issue as they are difficult to understand jezzy
  22. hi there i recieved a ticket in wanstead high street a while back and appealed on the following grounds,, 1/the yellow line directly in front of my parked van had a 2 metre stretch missing 2/ the closest signs telling you of the restrictions where at least 30-40 yards in either direction to where i parked with the signs on my side prior to me parking were as follows no parking 8.30-10.30....then section saying...(30 yards away) no loading 7.30am to 6.30 pm (20 yards away) then a bus stop ....then i parked....then next sign approx 30-40 yards away i went to tribunal as wanstead council disagreed with my appeal,and stated my case ,,the case has been put on hold to allow wanstead council to provide more details re,signage i feel that the barrister is a bit pro council as i provided video proof of the above facts and she gave me the impression that reguardless of the defective lines ,bad signage etc if you park on a yellow you deserve a ticket! well thats my opinion anyway, anyone know the exact laws on lines etc i thought that if the lines are improperly maintained that the ticket could not be inforced,the barrister says other-wise,also the council does not have the wardens notes,is this a relevent issue? all help appreciated jezzy
  23. hi there,the tennant phoned me the other day,and requested a sports bag full of chlothes and the cot, i said the bag was not there,(it was chucked),then she mentioned several other items ,(chucked)i asked who damaged the door to the front bedroom and she said she didnt know and denied all knowledge then i said there must have been a break-in then as however broke the door must have taken their bag etc! shot herself in the foot i think,then next day when i mentioned the door again she told me to ask the police who damaged the door,the woman is a compulsive bull$$$$$$er,she said she had been a good tennant to me! what a joke ive just had to fork out another1k in commision to the lettings agent and with the goverment nicking the deposit money i will struggle to find the money to pay the mortgage this month,she keeps phoning me and she said she does not want to have to call the police ,i think if she does it would probably be the best thing as i dont think that they will be that interested,and if i get a letter from the lettings agent stating that she had vacated leaving just a cot,they will be even less likely to want to get involved jezzy
  24. hi there, i really need some advise reguarding a penaltly inland revenue,gave me for filing a late return, it was a employers end of year return that carries a £100.00 per month fine for every month late,i filed these returns only a couple of days after the dead-line so i was expecting a fine,after three months i recieved notice that i had been fined £100.00,the notice did not however say that the return had not been recieved,after nine months i recieve another notice that the fine had now risen to £900.00,i wrote to them to say that it must have been lost in the post and they replyed saying they needed more details reguarding the filed returns ,after a while they sent me another letter saying that if i did not reply within 28 days the fine would stand, i replied biut im not one hundred percxent sure it was within the 28 days but i think it was, my questions are 1/ is it not unfair that they did not inform me at anytime that they had not recieved the return and i did not know this untill the 900.00 fine came through? 2/ if im not guilty of the alleged late return ,can they make the 900 fine stand anyway? as i accept that it may of been a few days late but its not my fault it went missing ,and if they had of informed me in reasonable time this matter could have been resolved sooner? it seems to me this may be just another way of extruding money out of honest tax payers please , please help im desparate, ps, if they insist that the fine stands do i have a good case ,and can i take them to court? jezzy
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