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  1. Thanks for the reply's The council were paying me direct because the tenant got the rent and spent it!! so I got it sent direct to me ,seems strange that they are trying to recover the over payment from myself and the tenant, I am under a lot of financial pressure at the moment ,If I have to pay it back do you think I will be able to do it in smallish installments? Many thanks Jezzy
  2. Hi there My tenant from hell has recently vacated my property ,The first thing I know about it is the council tell me they have overpaid me the rent and want it back (£900) .The tenant has left some of her property in the flat and never returned the key, How do I stand in regard to the council and returning the money ? ,I have found a similar letter to the ex tenant from the council so it looks like the council are trying to get the money back from her as well! Many thanks Jezzy
  3. Hi there .I have been busy with other things recently and have not had the time to do any research,I will however be thinking about getting my drive started in the next few months so I will start looking into it then.In my opinion Enfield council do take the p$$s one of my neigbours had a drive recently it took a day and they charged around the £1,500.00 mark .I am a builder and I estimate that the true cost roughly would be as follows These costs are leaning on the extravagant side!! And could be done a lot cheaper. Rubbish removal £180.00 Full 10 ton grabber lorry! I
  4. Thanks for your input ,That will give me something to get started on, do you think a quotation from a civil engeneers company for a dropped kirb will help my cause? At least I can get a real idea of how much the actual costs are.. jezzy
  5. Thanks for the reply, Why does it not come under monopoly's ? The council have the monopoly and have been raising the price every few years ,I have done a bit of research and it seems a lot of other councils charge a lot less for the same service! This year they are also raising the price of residents parking permits in my road from around £28.00 per year to £90.00 for the first (small) car , a 3 car family with larger cars could end up paying nearly £500.00 per year from less than £90.00! It seems really unfair that they can dictate the prices as they please there is nothing stopping them
  6. Hi there ,Thanks for your reply, Interesting link , The "Some councils may allow you to use your own contractor" bit is interesting ,If it were any other service based business a monopoly would not be allowed , I estimate that I could get the same job done by a civil enginering firm for half the cost I am a builder myself and a rough estimate on materials and labour in my opinion would come to around £200.00 for materials and waste disposal , and 2 men at even a inflated £250.00 a day rate that only comes to £700.00 + council consent at £150.00 = around £850.00 Enfield council wants,,,,..
  7. Hi all , I am thinking of having a driveway for my house and would be interested on you views regarding Enfield councils stance insisting that only their contractors undertake the work installing a dropped kirb , Other councils it seams have no problem allowing you to appoint your own contractor providing that they meet the required standards and have the relevent insurances etc to undertake works on public highways etc Enfield council are charging around £1,200.00 to£1,500.00 to install a dropped kirb and they seem to be getting more and more expensive each year . I have lived at my pr
  8. Hi there Got the paper work back today and it appears that there was a time limit on it ,but i am sure as hell i never spotted it, The reason the bank are saying that they now don't have to pay is that the F.S.A Guidelines state that if an offer the bank makes is not accepted or refused within eight weeks they may consider it closed, Is this the case ? Or can i still move forward on this with court action? On the issue with the contract with the claims company i think i might have them on the fact that they should have informed me on any changes of circumstance that could effect my clai
  9. Many thanks Andrew for your reply i will post when i get the paperwork back from them,many many thanks again Jezzy
  10. Hi there I will try to keep this as short as possible, I really need some advice! Being short of time i decided to let a claims company get my business account charges back for me the only reason i went along with them is that they told me that NatWest would refund the money to them and they would take their fees from this, I was worried that as i owe NatWest money it would be knocked off the debt leaving me in further debt with the claims company, Well right at the end i get an offer from NatWest saying and money returned would be credited to my debt, not the
  11. I really need some advice reguarding my Natwest business account claim,I had intended to pursue the claim myself but due to heavy tax debts and always having to work the months passed by and i never seemed to be able to find the time to do the paperwork ,when i was contacted by a claims company i decided that if it was left to me it probably would never happen ,and something back from the banks was better than nothing..so i made the decision to let them,, claim on my behalf.When i spoke to the claims company i told them that as i owe the bank 27k on an overdraught(now being paid in installment
  12. thanks for your replys guys,my friend really enjoys fishing the water in question ,but to have someone out of spite try to stop him joining another club is outragous,like i said hes broken no club rules,just agravated the wrong person, ive been told by someone that if his membership was stopped with the new club after accepting him they would have to give him the reason is this true?
  13. hi there, i would be greatful on opinions ! Afriend of mine was the membership secritary of a local fishing club untill he resigned over an issue which arose where the club had changed membership renewel dates and where basically double charging for a couple of months of the season ,this he did not agree with as no discounts where offered to the members, the website he had supplied to the club free of charge was removed and another one put in its place,however the photographes from his site were taken without his permission and used on the new site. he objected to his photos being poached
  14. i have told the revenue that the contractors being unco-operative,but they dont care the new system they have implemented is flawed in my opinion you used to get monthly cis tickets and ytou knew where you were, i shall remove my picture
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