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  1. Ha ha good quote, the harder they make it the more I want my money back so I wont give up.....thanks for your help
  2. Oh good one less thing for me to worry about! I wish Nationwide would just settle it now and save all this hastle, after all they will probebly end up paying in the end anyway, I suppose they just like making it hard for us!!
  3. Thanks very much for that am I right in thinking that I take 3 copies of this letter to my nearest court now! Do I let Nationwide know or does the court do that! Sorry for all the questions I have read about it on here there is just so much to understand on this court bit! Ta
  4. Thanks for your reply sarah but it wont let me start a new tread in the nationwide one, how do I do it?? Thanks
  5. Hi I am trying to claim £500 banck charges back from Nationwide which they have totaly refused to give me any back upto now. I am now having to sent the letter about court procedings but am unsure how much to put for Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 and Court Fee can anyone help please? Oh and do Nationwide always take it this far I thought they would at least have offered me half or something! Thanks
  6. Hi everyone I sent my request into nationwide (£500 of charges in 6 years). They have sent me a letter back basicly saying I was aware that I would get charged and can get nothing back. I opened my account 6 years ago. Where do I go from here is that it???? Has anyone else won with Nationwide??? Thanks
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