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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. Yes, I managed to find that online as well, the problem is I don't understand it. I don't have a copy of the CCA as it was a long time ago, and was not sent recorded delivery, so do I resend it now? Thanks for the help Boo
  2. can i have a BUMP please, or a move to the debt collectors forum if I put this in the wrong place.
  3. Hi everyone. Well today Capquest finally sent a statutory demand, by first class post no less (unsigned for of course), stating I had 18 days before they filed for bankruptcy. Now so far I have sent a CCA to capquest when this all first started, in September 2009, which they never replied to, and after a letter to them stating they had failed to reply and further action would be taken, they went very quiet. now, 9 months later they send the SD. So what should I do? I'm sure that the SD is real in many ways, although doubtfully filed, and was not presented to me, but posted to my par
  4. okies, so send the SAR letter to cap one again, asking for everything. Do i need to send anything to capq as they only gave me till today to sort it out. Boo
  5. well i did notice a few things.. the letter starts "further to out letter before action of the" and then stops... which letter before action? this is the first one. I didnt persue at the time as the bank stays came about and I ran out of money to pay the court fee's with, the claim was only about £500 (+interest from then till now) and I am unsure if there was any PPI on there. Trouble is, I have moved since then and a lot of the paperwork is god-only-know's where. So is it best to say, account was in dispute (as I am unsure where the paperwork is) or send a CCA? thanks fo
  6. Hi there I have uploaded the picture to here http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad33/boocub/capquest-1.jpg, it just took me a while to figure out how to do it. Thanks Boo
  7. No not yet, was wondering if I needed to CCA them, or if it would be best to send them a letter saying this is the first I have heard of it . I am gonna go buy a £1 PO though ready.
  8. The letter says they are going for an attachment of earnings and an order to obtain information unless I pay the monies owed. And the last financial transaction was approx 1 year ago, as after that they canceled my DD and I have not made a payment to the card since.
  9. Hi everyone. Well it seems after a year of quiet from everyone and everything going well, I get a letter from cra[Quest advising me they are going to take action against me on Monday 19th. However Letter is dated 13th October 2009, and arrived on 17th with the Saturday mail. This is the first letter I have had from them, no intro letter or anything from CapOne. In fact CO have not replied to any letters to themselves after the letter threatening further action for failing to answer my charges letter..... What is the best thing to do now? Send them a CCA? is the account still i
  10. Sorry about the confusion. Last time I asked on a different forum and I got lots of private messages asking for copies of the letters, so I sent out the scans and I think one of the people that got the scans was working for the bank.
  11. Hi there, can any mod help me please, i have got a letter back from the ever wonderful ass..... people at citi's solicitors and would like to know what to do next, I can scan and send on a need to know basis (sorry but you will have to proove to me you are someone with the need to know...). Boo
  12. Hi again everyone. Well i sent of the DCA thingy asking them for a copy of the agreement about 3 weeks ago, and they have replied this morning with statements from 2003-2006, which they have already sent me, and a letter saying sorry they dont have the others, heres a list of charges we could find, and this is all the information you asked for so the matter is closed. They havent given me what I asked for in the letter, have cashed my £1 PO and now seem to expect me to pay the total owed by the end of August. What should I do now? Boo
  13. hehe thanks I did wonder if moving a debt internally was called selling.. They wont get any money from me cause I dont have any money to give them, in the mean time where do I get this CCA from to send them? I will also be sending the Halifax the 40 days are up letter.
  14. Hi there, I wrote the letter as you said and emailed it to my friend who lives down the road from the BOS office, she took it into them for me. They have telephoned me to say that they have "brought" the debt from the Halifax and therefore I owe them the money and not the halifax credit card, and therefore any claim that "I think I might have" is not with them but HBOS and they expect me to make good with the £1300 that I owe within 28 days. I explained that I am still waiting for the statements from the Halifax credit card company so I can calculate what my charges are and that its b
  15. Hi curly and thanks Whats a dispute notice? is there a template for one i can send? Thanks
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