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    abbey has put my case on hold from when they could first put claims on hold around 2007 my claim dates back to 2003 am i still eligible to get these charges back or has time expired? im a bit confused around the whole putting cases on hold - will abbey automatically write to me to let me know or do i have to chase
  2. Thanks for that will try to ring barcays this afternoon to see if they want to settle. - does anyone have a contact number?
  3. just thought i would update you all i have sent in my AQ (hope i filled it in right) now just waiting for a court date i guess any ideas how long i may have to wait untill barclays settle? also the court asked if i would be happy to try mediation i agreed to this as it was advised by the court by making me look willing to co-operate with the bank/court by all means. was this the right thing to do?
  4. Hi Thanks, yea that is sort of what i wanted - i filled in the questionaire from the advice on thread, only bit i was unsure of was the wording in section G - just wanted to make sure it read right, made sense and said what it was meant to. - once i send the allocation in do i just wait for a response from the court? in section G i have put I believe the case will last no longer than an hour Please could i request that the judge order a form of 'basic' disclosure from the bank, this has been attached for consideration and i believe it will bring a speedy end to litigation. This was devised by the Mercantile Courts for a similar case. Can anyone help with the next stage, what do i need to put together for my court bundle? sorry for so many questions dont mean to be a pain
  5. Please is there anyone out there who can help with my above post - going to take the questionaire in to court today and would hate to have put the wrong thing in section G! any help appriciated
  6. could anyone help with the above post?
  7. Now finished my allocation questionaire very straight forward form. just for clarification in section G i have put I believe the case will last no longer than an hour Please could i request that the judge order a form of 'basic' disclosure from the bank, this has been attached for consideration and i believe it will bring a speedy end to litigation. This was devised by the Mercantile Courts for a similar case. Is this right - if so i will take into court first thing tomorrow. Does this actually work if the bank does disclose this information, wont this mean more work for me.
  8. A Bit late in posting LBA but will do in the morning the claim is for £154.08, so im hoping they will not take it all the way to court. any advice on blackhorse
  9. Thanks for that, have contact barclaycard and their complaints team will be in touch in 3 days with an outcome! on an even sadder note BARCLAYS DEFENDED MY CLAIM their deadline was 16/04/2007 and they defended on 26/04/2007 ten days late! phoned the court who said that with the backlog the judge decieded to deal with which ever they came across first my judgement or defence and they came across the banks defence first ( i entered judgement 17/04/2007) i thought this highly unfair and the lady at the court said i could write a letter complaining and the judge will look at it again but it will delay proceedings and that in 100% of cases the banks are settling out of court and that i should just go ahead. So game on so i am now filling in my Allocation questionaire i have recieved barclays defence i take it that it is just a standard thing - even though it does state that claims before 26 march 2001 should be denied - as it is passed the 6 year deadline i dont understand this as i have no claims before 26 march 01 they start October 2001? am i right to believe they are sending the same out to everyone? any tips for the Allocation questionaire i am now reading up on next stage and what to expect
  10. Just an update i called barclaycard had a massive arguement with the manager of customer services and the poor guy who answered my call - basically they were trying to get me to send another letter with my barclaycard number on it and they will look into it. i said i would definatley not be writing another letter as the orginal letter has all my information and what they require on it and they have untill 17 May (40 day deadline) to have my statements though the door otherwise i will not hesitate to file a claim under non compliance. Also he did clarify that they keep data for 6 years from date of closure - my account was closed in 2004 - so they basically should not have deleted my information. They took my number and said that a member of the complaints team will fully investigate this and get back to me within 3 days. So we will have to wait and see. will keep everyone posted
  11. Hi all I closed my account with Abbey almost 2 years ago and am claiming from them as i they charged me for going overdrawn on numerous occasions Phoned Abbey to request statements (thought i would try as it has worked with few others) Was told go to branch they will give them to you - as long as i take in £10 Went into Branch asked for statements (with my £10 and old account statment) was told they never request statments in branch would have to do it via telephone - and could use the free phone in the branch used the free phone in branch and they told me to request in branch!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked in Branch again - and was told to write, enclose money and bring letter into branch (Wated my Lunch break - so much for my shortcut) Sent for statements on 2/03/2007 Recieved a letter 02/03/2007 saying sorry i had to complain they are dealing with it will hear in 4 weeks blah blah blah Recieved a second letter 28/03/2007 - saying they need to have my new address confirmed as it is different to the one they hold for the account and please could i go into a branch to confirm and take this letter with some id and they could request for the statements!!!!!!!!!!!! (even though the branch said they cant)? anyway thought this was strange as they have sent me statements to my current address but done as i told So on another lunch break went into Abbey the woman looked like i was mad and said - we have your current address as your registered address for this account - not sure what the letter is talking about, plus we cannot order statements for closed accounts in store. (lord) she suggested i called the number on the letter So i did They said - yes we do have that address as your registered address (what the hell was that letter about then)? and we will send your statements within 40 of the letter is this right as my letter is dated 2/03/2007 and they sent me an acknowlegement of my complaint on 08/03/2003, just wanted to check my dates as 40 days is nearly up if im going from 02/03/2007 THIS IS WHY I HATE ABBEY sorry so long just thought i tell the story - any help would be appriciated
  12. hi al 14 days are up on tues still not heard anything from blackhorse, will then move on to LBA, I am nervous about claiming from a closed account because all my other claims are from open accounts but here goes - wil keep you posted
  13. good and bad news good news - my second account for barclays (£210) they wrote me a letter today to say amount is in my account with the usual rubbish about how they were within there rights and that it is a good will guesture - will cancel my court claim monday - am well happy - they must have found the letters? but in the mean time they have charged me twice so might phone them and ask for the £60 to be refunded also? or should i start another claim - do i have to start a claim if i ever get charged again for each individual claim - dont get charged that much anymore? Bad news - for my big claim (£2002.08) i still have not recieved judgement from the court yet, i filed for judgement on 13/4/07 have called the court but all they said is that they are a week behind on claims/judgements? so will have to wait a little longer. But am like a bounty hunter in the mornings for the postman! lol also have started a thread in barclaycard as i wrote them requesting statements they wrote back saying they must have deleted my account information. I had the account 2001 -2004, surely they cannot do this? any advice on what to do next? -( sorry no one replied on the barclaycard thread) they have given me 14 days to reply
  14. Please can anyone help with my post i would really appriciate it
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