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  1. 40 Days are up and nothing. Sent DPA non compliabce letter on Wed 11.04.07. What shall i do on Wed if they have not replied??????
  2. Letter from Natwest today, WE are sorry that to date we have not been able to answer your concern, blah,blah, please wait another 10 days blah,blah. Any ideas??
  3. HELP,HELP Letter from Barclaycard (Arvin Mistry) today saying basically bugger off, £276.00 of the £624.00 is all you are getting, and also when customers break their terms and conditions with them, they recover their costs, and they are not prepared to consider any further refund. And that this has clarified Barclays position. Any ideas what I do next, or is that the end ?????? The LBA 14 days runs out tomorrow Sat 14th. Thanks
  4. Where abouts is the DPA non compliance letter, I cant find it. Help.
  5. The 40 days are up on the 10th, I have had nothing from A&L (MBNA) anyone have soome advice, or what I should do when 40 days up. Thanks
  6. Sent LBA today, They havent bothered to reply to me as promised so [email protected]*cks to them.
  7. Yes I am claiming the 624.00 first and any other charges when the rest of the staements arrive. Look at the rejection letter under jonni2bad.
  8. I have just sent the LBA Today, Will send rejection letter on Monday.
  9. Thanks Michael, So can I just check i will send the rejection letter tomorrow and the LBA or just the rejection letter then after the seven days send the LBA ????? Thanks
  10. Yes i agree, anyone else help, Please. Thanks
  11. I am helping a work mate to claim his Abbey currant account charges back. The SAR was sent on the 06.03.07, Today he got one years statements for Jan/Feb 06 to Jan/Feb 07 only in 12 envelpoes. Can anyone advise what will happen now will he get the rest of his statements etc. Any help very very welcome.Thanks:(
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