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  1. I have found Amazon to be fairly good at sorting issues like this
  2. Companies can write all sorts or crap in their terms and conditions is does not however usurp the law You are entitled to a refund
  3. Just got a strange automated email from Mackenzie Hall, details below: Obviously I have no idea what this is about or how they have got hold of my email address, an email address I might add that is an obscure one that very rarely gets used. I run my own email server so have already added the Mackenzie Hall email address to my blacklist so shouldn't get any more emails from them, well from that email address at least. So what to do about this, if anything? Do I just file it under trash and ignore it?
  4. Hi HeftyHippo, Thanks for your reply, I found it slightly hard to follow but I am hoping I got the gist of it Egg have not issued me with a default notice or given and other indication that the account had been sold on. What I want to happen is for Egg to close the account as I have paid the money owed. I had already spoken to someone at Egg yesterday, who claimed they were a manager, but got nowhere hence my post here. I have had no contact from Lowell's and I do not wish to have any contact with them
  5. Many thanks Martin As you say it is getting late and I should probably be heading to bed myself. Thanks also DX for all your help and for alerting the site team to this.
  6. The thing is I do not know who to believe at EGG When I first asked to have my account closed I was told no problem, then I was told by the second person today that they can not close the account because the debt had been sold to Lowell's If the debt had been sold to Lowell's then why is my account still active and usable on the EGG website? Surely if they had sold the debt there would be no point in them keeping it or allowing me access to it? How can I find out what information EGG has on me with regards to my account with them? Specifically information with regards to them se
  7. Thanks I had no idea there was a specific forum for EGG issues or I would have posted this there, if you wouldn't mind I would appreciate it if you could have this moved there, oh and please could you provide a link to the EGG forum? ****EDIT**** I have found the EGG forum, I think I will leave my thread here for now if that is OK, I can always ask a MOD at a later date to move it if needs be ****END EDIT**** I have never had a letter from EGG about my account being sold onto Lowell's and I have had no contact whatsoever from Lowell's about this. The only secure m
  8. I am not sure I understand what you are saying or that you understand the situation here, sorry I had a credit card with EGG EGG do all there dealings with you via an online account which I obviously have access to hence how I know how much I owed them. When I lost my job I asked them to make my credit card repayment only, which they did. I then struggled to make payments to them for a while due to being unemployed. Now I am in a better position financially I logged into my online EGG account and paid off the balance owing. After this I then rang them to cancel my
  9. That just it though I have received no communication from EGG to say they have sold the debt on I have received no communications from Lowell's with reference to this. I owed the money and have no problem in paying the debt off incidentally, as far as I was aware my debt was with EGG so I paid off the amount owing to EGG. It is now that I want EGG to close my account down that this whole other can or worms has opened up.
  10. Hi All, I am having problems with EGG and closing down my account with them. Some time ago I became ill and unable to work and asked EGG to make my credit card a repayment only one, which they duly did. Because money was very tight being unemployed I was unable to make payments to them until recently when I paid off the whole amount owing, £714.67 in total, bringing my EGG account to a zero balance. I then rang them and asked then to close my account down completely they said this would not be a problem and they would send me a secure message to confirm this. I receive
  11. Thanks Andie The thing with this woman was she was very aggressive and rude from the very first moment I answered the telephone. It was like she had already decided I was a bad Dad and was in the wrong before even made the call. She wouldn't even entertain the fact that they may have been in the wrong. The other thing is I can not refuse to pay as the payments are taken straight from my benefits before I get them, I have no choice in the matter, so how she can say I refused to pay them is beyond me.
  12. I just got a threatening letter from the CSA Dear Mr. XXXXXXX Pay your child maintenance arrears now or face legal action That was the first line of the letter They say I owe a total of £485 And that about sums the letter up, there are no dates saying when the arrears were supposedly accrued, just that I supposedly owe £485 Surely they must provide more proof than this? dates etc.?
  13. Hi Mikey, This will probably be my next step I just cant believe how aggressive and downright rude the woman from the CSA was right from the off. They have never ever contacted me before today about any supposed arrears, surely they would or should have if there had been a problem? Another thing, which I forgot to mention when I wrote my initial post, when I rang the CSA on the 30th to find out why they has stopped taking the payments from my benefits the woman I spoke to said I would be repaid some money, dating back to the 11th June when my son was taken into local author
  14. Hi All, I am desperately hoping someone can help me. I have son by my ex GF and we split up before my son was born. My son was born 19/o9/2004 Not long after my son was born the CSA contacted me and said I had to pay maintenance for my son, I had no problem with that. They told me that as I was disabled and on benefits that they would ask the benefits agency to deduct that payments for my benefits which they did, I had no problem with that. On the 30th of November 2009 the benefits agency wrote to me to tell me that they would no longer be taking payments from my
  15. Can someone please enlighten me to what "Final response" means/refers to? Also is there a template letter I can use to tell then to knock it off / make an official complaint with? Many thanks for your help.
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