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  1. Thanks for the reply, I have done a little more research and found out from consumer direct that if the warranty / guarantee does not finish with the words " this does not affect your legal rights " the warranty / guarantee is a worthless statement. But i know that fighting an action against this company is going be difficult and long winded with the outcome predictable-ZERO. The big G
  2. Hi My daughters cam belt snapped and of course required a replacement engine, she brought one on line from Specialist Breakers ( Renault parts dealer ) with a ninety day guarantee. The engine arrived and her chosen garage removed one engine and fitted the replacement only to find the replacement engine was defected, this was a huge disappointment as she expected the seller to have tested the engine before dispatch. So a replacement engine has been sent out but of course the garage is to charge her again for the work, rightly so. Want i want to know is even though the seller on their
  3. Hello Hazel I know exactly what you mean, when we first ordered on line and filled out the form on-line half way down one page the continue button appears so you think thats it for that page and click! Problem is unless you scroll down past the continue button you will see there is a small box that you have to tick stating you do not wish to have payment protection insurance. When i received our first statment i saw the charge for one month and rang them up, thats what the girl told me, " scroll down the page and you will see the tick for no box " She was cor
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/61081-ppi-some-notes-claimants.html Read this and it will give you all the info you need, i would say yes you can. The Big g
  5. The Big G took on Loans.co.uk over a year ago and this week recieved a refund of £10,250 plus £3,300 interest. My thanks have to go to the FOS but without the help of CAG forums in particular Hellhasnofury and Reidnet it would not of happened. THANK YOU ALL The Big G:) :) :)
  6. Just an added note, my loan was taken out in early 2004 and did think that maybe the FO would not take it on because it was before 2005 but they did. The claim was based around the facts 1. the loan was over ten years and PPI only covered me for the first five, whats the point in that. 2. At the time of taking out the loan i was not informed of other forms of PPI such as monthy payments and most importantly you can obtain cover elsewhere at a much cheaper rate, . Geoffm
  7. Hi Tagal, Well in Feb 07 i started my pursuit of reclaiming £10,000 refund from Loans.co.uk, i put together a letter clearly stating all the facts of the loan and the PPI how it was sold ect and forwarded to the FO. In Oct 07 i received a judgement from the FO ruling in my favour and instructing Loans.co.uk to repay in full all the premiums plus interest, cancel the PPI and instruct GE Money to restructure the loan without the PPI. It is now end Jan 08 and have receieved confirmation from GE Money that the new forms are on their way to me for signing, this after alot of time delaying by
  8. Hi HHNF, Checked my e mails today and following mine to FOS had a reply assuring me that an offer is now in the post and should receive it by end of week, sign it if i agree to offer send it back and await payment, we shall see. The Big G
  9. Hi HHNF, Yep, thats what i thought. The FO stated his findings in my favour recommending what the broker should do by the 9th October. So far no response from them, i'm not surprised, they are not going to jump over barrels for me. I have an E mail contact at the FO office who worked on the claim, i send enquiry to her for advice on my next move and ask if it's normal for brokers to ignore the FO,LOL. I expect they will contact the broker and ask whats going on and hopefully inform them that court action is the next step. If i go to court can i download a N1 form or have i got
  10. Hi everyone Had the positive response from the Financial Ombudsman i was looking for but now at a stop due to broker ( happy days ) yes that lot, not acting on FOs findings. Whats my next step? Issue court proceedings or return to FO asking for their help? The big G
  11. My loan was taken out end of 2003 and the FO had no problem with it, i don't think there is a cut off date. Geoff.
  12. Hi HHNF, Hopeful1 is spot on with the 13 listed terms, the FO in his letter stated that the seller needs to inform you can buy PPI elsewhere, if he/she does not they are mis-selling. When you look at all 13 one would have to admit most loan applicants have been mis-sold. As always All the best from Geoff.
  13. Hello HeatherMc, In short, YES but i takes a time for it to be sorted. I felt i had been mis-sold on a loan that was brokered by Loans.co.uk and ended up going to the Financial Ombudsman office for which they agreed with me on the grounds; The loan period was 10 years but the PPI is only good for 5 years, so the FO said why would somebody take a loan out for 10 years and buy cover for only 5. Plus also they did not inform me at the time PPI is optional and you can purchase it elsewhere independant. There are other reasons covering mis-selling and doing a search on this forum you fin
  14. Hi, Well i wrote to Loans.co.uk stating my reasons for a claim against them for mis-selling which of course they denied, but you have to show the FO that you have tried to communicate with them. Next step was to find the list of reasons for mis-selling ie, self-employed or ill health or in my case as i believe to be many others, NOT being informed that there are other options such as stand alone policies.and you don't have to take their PPI or you don't get the loan. Plus also this type of policy is only for five years so if your loan period is for more than five it's basically useless aft
  15. Hi HHNF Yep it's good news, the contents of the letter contained a damming view of the broker ( happy days ) but what was pleasing to see written was that the FO overall feels that this type of insurance is aimed at the loan company/broker and insurance provider. They are the only winners not the protected so i feel that the FO will side with the office of fair trading who are currently investigating the practice. So for everybody out there with this type of policy it's basically not worth the paper it's written on, get claiming back!!!!!
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