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  1. The offending member would simply ask eBay to remove the comment......that's what my nightmare buyer did........and eBay obliged!!
  2. Ooh........i'm intrigued..........are you at liberty to elaborate?
  3. eBay sellers have a responsibility to their buyers too, most honour it, the bad few don't, wasn't that the whole point of the feedback system in the first place though?? To warn others about the bad few?? Shame it's one-sided now............ I have never had a dissatisfied customer on eBay, after four years my f/b score was 100%.......that is until the new policy, it's absurd!
  4. Mnrbig, The majority of sellers on eBay are small scale sellers like myself who are trying to sell good quality items that they no longer require. (at least that's how alot of them began and are still operating) I agree that there are some terrible sellers on eBay, I myself have fallen foul to more than one! I paid around £26 for an item through PayPal, (apparently with up to £500 buyer protection) it didn't arrive, I contacted the seller on numerous occasions without response, then I opened a dispute which I won, PayPal refunded me £2.99 and the seller disappeared, presumably to start up under a different ID! Another took over a month to deliver a pair of trainers, giving me every excuse under the sun before they arrived. I left him Neutral f/b as the service I received was less than satisfactory and I found him to be slow, uncooperative, rude and dishonest. He negged me!! You're saying that a seller's negative feedback can be explained, but only if the prospective buyer invites the seller to do so, buyers are anonymous to sellers until they make contact but most don't, they just look at the f/b score and draw their own conclusions. I refunded a buyer recently for an item which I KNOW I described truthfully, it was brand new and had never been worn or therefore washed, she said it had pit stains and belonged in the clothing recycling unit! She offered to return the item but I would have to pick up the return P&P costs too and she could easily have sabotaged the item so I declined. After a short while I got sick of arguing over a couple of pounds so refunded her and told her to enjoy her free item. I had NO OPTION but to leave positive feedback but the comment I left her was far from positive. She negged me then complained to eBay that my f/b was in breach of regs and they removed it, I had to send three very detailed and very angry emails to eBay in order to have the neg she left me removed. She still has 100% feedback, sure, she keeps her buyers happy (as most of us who value our reputations do) but no seller can leave her negative feedback, so people are not getting a true representation of what she is really like to do business with. After dealing with this horrible woman I visited the discussion forum and was astonished to see the hundreds of members who have experienced similar situations since the new rule came into effect, this spurred me on to start the petition but everywhere I post a link to it, it gets removed I think you're right in saying that it's a few that spoil it for the rest, but it's on both sides of the coin, buyers AND sellers. BUT......the fees that generate a vast amount of income for eBay AND PayPal are payable by the seller and ONLY by the seller, some powersellers have hundreds of pounds in fees per month, yet eBay has taken away basic rights such as freedom of speech and the ability to seek redress when they are wronged and pass their knowledge onto others. eBay are becoming greedier by the day and soon people will only be able to pay for goods via PayPal, they've already brought that little gem in in other countries. SM:p
  5. In reply to post#9.........Obviously!! But only by making feedback rights equal again are people going to get the whole story, buyers can neg bad sellers (and good ones if they choose to) but sellers can't neg bad buyers?? Where's the fairness in that?? Transactions are a two way process in which both parties should have equal rights at all times. Fairness and balance?? SM:p
  6. eBay has reviewed it's Buyer Protection policy and their silly new rule has left sellers wide open to all sorts of abuse by unscrupulous buyers. Please take a minute or two to sign our petition, we're hoping that they will see sense and reverse this diabolical rule before all their members take their business elsewhere! eBay- What About Seller Protection?? Petition : [ powered by iPetitions.com ] Tell all your friends! Many thanks!
  7. Thanks Gemspan, will get to raking through all my paperwork, blimey- don't know where to start! Why during the whole time the test case was happening were the banks not told to stop applying charges? If we've been forced into waiting around for refunds then why were they allowed to carry on helping themselves out of our accounts?? My Alliance & Leicester claim has doubled as they've been allowed to continue to fleece us for months! SM:p
  8. Hi all, I haven't been posting on this site for a long time, got tied up with other stuff (life in general!) while waiting for the outcome of the test case. I had also thought there was nothing else I could do until the outcome was decided so I put all my claims on hold, particularly because one of mine is a huge and complex claim against RBS which I sent to the FOS to deal with. It consists of charges of around £8k plus CI, but i'm also claiming for interest on loans taken out to cover the bank charges. I have heard arguments both for and against going ahead with a CI claim but i'm sure that alot of that info is now out of date. My original claim for CI was based on the fairness and balance argument, but I understand that is now dead in the water and that we are to quote Sempra. I've had a quick read about it and from what I can gather it was a case between a company and the Inland Revenue.........would it apply to a normal Joe Bloggs-V-the bank case? Last time it was all totted up the claim was nearing £25k, that was back in June/July 07! RBS offered to settle the charges only and I rejected the offer due to it being nowhere near what it's cost me- the loans we took out were with Provident who charge an extortionate amount of interest (yes I know, but the bank left us with little choice- we did approach them first). The last correspondence I have regarding this claim is from the FOS dated 6th August 07 stating that they are putting all claims on hold pending the outcome of the test case. I understand that the banks have recently lost this case and that the OFT/FOS now has to decide what a fair charge is, I also understand that this may take many more months, and all the while the bank still has our money! Recently I have been getting letters and phonecalls from Robinson Way solicitors who are acting on behalf of the bank as we had a £6.6k O/D which they are trying to recover..........as far as i'm concerned this o/d is made up entirely of bank charges so naturally I refused to make a payment! They are still phoning us despite me informing them that I do not take kindly to harrassment, especially over a disputed debt so I suppose i'll have to write to them too Not sure where to go with this now..............should I make a fresh claim, thus joining the back of a very large queue?..........should I amend my claim to include an up to date figure as more interest has accrued, not to mention another Provi loan? Should I write off the CI and just go for charges and the Provi interest (which I am NOT willing to write off- we'd never have had to take the loans if the bank hadn't applied all the charges in the first place, or if they'd helped us out on the many occasions we had to go begging to them!) CAN I do any of the above if my claim is still in the hands of the FOS or am I bound to them now, forced to wait around while they hum and hah over what is a fair charge?? I also have numerous smaller claims, Nationwide, A&L, Capital One, most of which are at the LBA stage (or at least they were before the test case, at which time the Sheriff Courts started to grant stays), what should I do about these, can I proceed as normal?? Does the test case outcome affect Credit Card charges in the same way, ie for my Cap One claim? Sorry for all the questions, I know i'm taking the lazy way out- i'm sure I could scour the forums and find all the answers but TBH, I now feel so out of touch with the whole subject that I wouldn't know where to begin and it would take me months, so if anyone has any comments, advice or answers to any of my questions, i'd really appreciate your input. It's a bit out of date, but my RBS thread is here if anyone's interested: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/royal-bank-scotland/64019-sn00psmum-dad-rbs-6.html?highlight=sn00psmum SM
  9. Lol, but i've three kids and four dogs to look after tomorrow, researching emigration, typing up countless invoices for my o/h AND going to Mother-in-law's for lunch Really really going now......thanks for your response and have a good shift!! SM:p
  10. Thanks guys, very helpful.......i'll have a proper read of it tomorrow, going to bed now! :o
  11. Hello Steven, Sorry to jump in and ask what may by now be a silly question, but what is "Sempra"?? I have a large claim with Royal Bank of Scotland which has been on hold for a few months now as I wish to claim CI and they weren't playing ball so stopped everything when the test case was announced, only just getting back into it and i'm sure things have progressed SM:p
  12. Just got an email containing this link, thought Abbey mortgage customers may be interested! Shabby Abbey blunder adds 15 years to mortgages | Mortgages | Personal Finance
  13. Hey Aqua Double check with them that the extra they included IS the subsequent charges. I'm only saying this because when they refunded mine, they included charges that were on my detail of claim only, not any charges that I had incurred since filing. Mine is different tho cos I filed at court with this as opposed to FOS as mine was within Summary Cause limit, but I have to go back with a 2nd claim if I want back the £250 or so they've taken since. Congrats again & thanks for kind answer on my thread! SM:p
  14. congratulations!!!!! Brilliant news, well done girl! SM:p
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