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  1. Oooh just having a squiz at that website now, looks very informative cheers for that! x
  2. Thanks for that Cerberusalert, that has put my mind at rest. I'm going to check that forum out right now! Oh just one more question sorry to be a pain, they don't know that I moved abroad so like you say they are using my last known address, how would I overturn their decision? Thanks again for your help you're a star! :o)
  3. Hi everyone! Just wanted a quick pick of your knowledgable brains please. I moved to Australia just over 2 years ago and when I did it I left some debts. Nothing huge at all about £300 at the most. Anyway I've just popped back for a couple of weeks and I have a letter from a debt collectors telling me that 3 mobile phone will take me to court on 30th June for £101.00 if they haven't heard from me. That is also the date I am returning to Australia. Now I have had no contact with any of these companies for 2 years..and I dont really plan on having any in the future. Wll they take me to court for £101.00? And if they do then will it affect my credit rating in Oz? I would pay it..but I am quite broke at the moment..and I'm not sure that if I contact them to tell them this then I could be doing more harm.. Sorry if that last bit didnt make any sense been up all night with teething baby zzzzzzz. Thanks for any advice x
  4. My paypal account got hacked as well...and to be fair to paypal they sorted it out pretty quick. It was for a smallish amount of money as well. Hope you manage to get your money back!
  5. hi sod and parky, ur right im gonna take the bull by the horns and im gonna put my claim in online this afternoon..although i have to admit im cacking myself at the thought (scuse the language)..i may need a bit of help so excuse me if i ask some pretty dumb questions.. im naturally very scatty thanky you's x
  6. well i called natwest this morning to see how it was goinng with my claim..and they repeated that an offer had been made on the 16th march..and then she said it can take upto 21 days to get the letter..i said 21 days i was told last time it was 10-14 days. she said due to the number of claims they get its been changed..which is pants! i asked if my letter had been sent and she said it wont have been sent yet. which means i have to start court proceeding tomoz...which is a pain coz im moving.. wat does everyone reckon to this 21 day thing? dont they care that they'll get taken to court and it will end up costing them more in the long run? allie x
  7. well....i just booked some flights thru travelocity..biggest mistake ever!! i wont even go into there terrible customer services and the fact that they're all incompetent. i must of spent about £20 in fonecalls to them since yesterday just trying to get them to email me a confirmation of my flight. and then when i finally do get vit they've spelt our surnames wrong! so when i call them and tell the girl that they've spelt our names wrong she asks me was it wills fault (the guy that took the booking) or mine!! i mean i mite be a bit dense sometimes but i can just about spell my own name!! i dont go round putting random extra letters in it by mistake!! grrrrr.. so i go thru to customer services and they tell me that they cant change it.. and ther'es also a possibility that i might lose all my money i paid..which is nearly £2 grand..they reckon they'll call me tommorow but i was waiting a day and a half for someone to call me to say my booking went thru ok..and that never happend! anyways..rant over now..i really hope i dont lose my money..really paranoid now as its a lot of money to me and i couldnt afford to pay again! a tip...avoid travelocity!!! allie x
  8. hi everyone, thanx for replys! i guess i will have to start the court action..but wanted to get it sorted before then really coz i'm moving quite far away so will be hard for me to keep on top of it..so was hoping they mite pull there fingers out and get it sorted quite quickly like last time..wishfull thinking lol. and yes sod i claimed against natwest about 6 wks ago and they settled quite quickly was about 3 wks. i didnt mention that i had already had a succesfull claim when i put this 1 in... didnt want to rub them up the wrong way to much lol..good luck with ur's!! cheers everyone...i will have my fingers crossed tightly for the next cpl of days then if no joy ill start the court thing xx
  9. hi well after my last claim for natwest was settled in bout 3 wks i thought i'd claim for my other account.. sent of my prelim and got no response...so sent of my lba 2 wks on thurs..so they have a cpl of days left..but bit paranoid they're not gonna respond and ill have to do the court thing ( i know i'd be really rubbish with that). i did call them and they said that they had written a letter making an offer on the 16th march..and that i would recieve it 10 - 14 days after the 16th. does this sound right to anyone? why does it take so long for them to send it to you if its already been composed...or are they just stalling me? the girl i spoke to seemed really nice and helpfull..maybe its just me being paranoid? any opinions anyone? thanks allie xx
  10. hi, cheers for that trish, i havent been on for a while so sorry i gaent said thanks before.. i sent of the dpa request, no reply yet so fingers crossed it wont be long! allie x
  11. hi deller and trish, thanks for getting back! well im gonna send the letter off for her tomorow and u reckon its to the same address that we send of for normal sar..to alex lyons? cheers guys
  12. hi ian cheers for that, sorry for the late reply fell asleep lol, ill have a read thru now allie
  13. brilliant, thank u ian will be sending that off this weekend! do u know if capital 1 fight or give in quite easily when it comes to claiming the charges? cheers again x
  14. hi everyone, want to take on cap 1 to try claim bk credit card charges. problem is i dont know wat my credit card number was..does any1 know how i can get round this and find my number ect? cheers for any advice, allie x
  15. hi bob, im like you ive just won charges back from natwest for myself and now im going to start on my mums natwest credit card charges so we'll be at the same point! glad i just read ur thread cos i wasnt sure if you could claim back credit card charges but now i know, will be sending sar off tomorow! will keep an eye on ur thread, good luck, allie
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