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  1. I suppose if you want to catch them out you could miss putting it on the letter; the person handling the case won't see the envelope so won't know it was sent SD. Then when they claim not to have received it you hit them with the POD.
  2. I know this is an old thread but I can't start a new one and nubies may still stumble across it. I'm handling my pensioner mo-in-laws multiple debts. After the first couple of cases of letters apparently not arriving I started sending everything by Special Delivery. You can get a bundle of the stickers from the PO counter, so you put under the date on the letter 'sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery Ref XX9999999XX' in bold if typing. That lets them know and is your reminder. Get the copy of the signature from the website a few days later and file it. Also keep the envelopes of incoming le
  3. Looks like HFC Bank employ Mystic Meg and saw the credit crunch coming, looked around for some idiots to pay loads of money for debts and, hey ho, along came Marlin!
  4. Our (I'm helping my mo-in-law) letter from Marlin also says the debt was assigned on 20th May yet the Court hearing for the charging order was held on 30th May; were Restons and HFC acting illegally if they took a CO for a debt they had assigend 10 days earlier ?
  5. Given the fine that Barclaycard got this week perhaps a case for OfCom ? When my mo-in-law was getting all these computer generated calls we changed her number. Because she is in her eighties and even though she only rented the line but used Saga for the calls, BT were very helpful and speedy. We don't call anyone and never give a phone number. Ever.
  6. I'm trying to help my mother-in-law with some debts. Unfortunately we ended up with a charging order * with the debt to be paid in instalments of £5 per month [HFC & Restons!!]. We've had the confirmation from the court of the final charging order including the instalment order. We have not received any correspondence from HFC or Restons, then yesterday received a letter from Marlin Financial Services saying the debt has been assigned to Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited and that "The assignee has appointed Marlin to administer the account"; and we should "no longer make payments to the assi
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