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  1. Moneybarn No. 1 Ltd The New Barn Bedford Road, Petersfield Hampshire GU32 3LG 12/03/2019 Dear Sir/Madam GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS - SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST ACCOUNT /REF NUMBER: template removed - dx
  2. Thanks.. I let my other half give sheriff officers the car today.. MB say they will keep car for 7 days .. I am astounded at their determination to take the car.. I will apply for another time order if thats possible.. I cant believe how they act
  3. Hi Sorry My mistake. It was a time order in 2017 increasing the payments to £300 a month. I failed to keep up payments and they returned to court in Nov 2018 and revoked the time order and a ROGO. I didnt dispute as at that time I was unable to make the payments Many Thanks
  4. When I looked at her card it said they were sheriff officers, I didn't realise until they'd left and told them it wasn't convenient to give them the car today!!
  5. I got this from the national debtline Extra advice: when you can't apply for a time to pay order You cannot apply for a time to pay order if you had already been granted a time to pay direction and fallen behind on the payments ordered by the court.
  6. Hi hope someone can advise Took out a car with Moneybarn in 2015 got behind with payments they went to court got a time to pay order in May 2017. Last year I had difficulty making the payment due to a change in jobs (was working for an agency and getting very little shifts) In Nov 2018 they went back to court and had the time order revoked and a ROGO. I did not defend as I wasn't able to make the payments. They have not collected the car until attempting to today after scouring here last night I was brave enough to tell
  7. I know...but its ironic that it happens just as my 3 grands whizzin itself this way... 6 months is a long time.. I had ideologies in the beginnin' of goin for compound...contractual...6.5 grand in all.. would now just settle for my unlawfull.3 I know.. i'm a selfish bitch......lol
  8. Might need to take the day off..lol....stress... and a hangover...
  9. Hope so... I'm totally ****ed off with it now... 6 months later.. Oh to be ruled by Scottish Law eh???
  10. Cheers cosme kramer.. this has been going on since January.. What with the crap Scottish 1500 limit.. blah, blah.. and Lloyds persistant..we're givin' u nothing attitude... seemed this morning I had it sorted.,.. 6 months later... wish i'd not come on here tonight...lol
  11. I signed an offer for full and final settlement and posted it to FOS this morning.. Full amount of charges minus interest... does this mean i've 'ad my 3 grand
  12. Hi Elkay I had to hold out cause i'm claiming over £3000.. I waited 8 weeks but got my final response from lloyds last week... £750 goodwill payment into my account...and letter stating this was their final response..am now going through FOS for the remainder... You could raise a summary action...£1500 max.. you put the amount owed+ interest at 8%...( only diffence i believe is that you have to post your papers to Sheriff Officers to serve, list of sheriff officers provided by court) or you could hold out in the hope you get £750 goodwill and claim the rest through small claims
  13. I am also a nurse... and having been admitted over the past 2 years once for a minor op... and then to deliver my 5th baby... I was also scared s.......... Was an absolute relief to come out MRSA free Sad but true tbell
  14. Hi All Full settlement offered today... no conditions..maybe cause it was a student account;) Donation to follow when payment recieved.. Ps Prelim and LBA required only tbell:)
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