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  1. Hi I ahve run my own company for the last five or six years, had a vat inspection a few years ago and had no problems found or anything. The company has never made any profit dispite my best efferts and this has led me to owe loads of cash to parents who have kept me and my family going, in the last five years I have probably only brought in around 70k in total with costs far exceeding this. Today I received a letter from HM Revenue and customs stating: Notice Warning of Legal Proceedings Saying that I have ignored there previous letters(none received) and that I owe over £700k in tax and penalties stretching back five years - now I am hopeing this is an obvious mistake but cant contact them until monday. Am I going to end up with them wanting to go all through my books and will they beleieve me - has anyone else experinced similar - is this a common error or am I in the ****??? Please help someone as I am having a heart attack after reading this.
  2. Spoke to council today thinking they wouldnt help - in fact they simply agreed to suspend all action and just changed the installment date!!
  3. I have paid all my council tax installments to date, but have been paying them a week or two after the date they demand them on, they have now sent me a letter stating I have lost my right to pay by installments and if I dont pay the entire balance by the end of the month I will be taken to court and charged another £83 on top - how can this be right, how can they have the power to jump on you when you regularly pay, Im not a non payer!!!!! - drives:-x me craxzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I thought I would write to them and say can I have a copy as I never received one when we signed and if there was a charge for it could they confirm the fee in writing.
  5. I have kept that little nugget back at the moment, was going to write to them to request it in a few days when things had died down a little, if I tell them about could they not just say they had gave me a copy and give me one there and then.
  6. MrShed you are a star of the very highest order, I just called them and said we will meet them at there office, they said no problem so will see what they say, if they start screaming and making threats I will just leave but hopefully they will be up for coming to a compremise over it all. P.s. many apologise for my terrible spelling.
  7. Hello people i'm pleading for urgent help again! I phoned the agency today but the agent wasnt there so left a message saying we could meet at 2pm Tuesday or anytime Thursday. The agency has since hand delivered a letter while I was out saying: Following your letter dated 8th February 2007 and our conversation on Friday I have spoken to the landlady of the above property. As per our conversation, I have spoken to the landlady and she would like to meet with you and myself at the property at 6.30pm Tuesday 13th February 2007. With regards to the £**** that you have sent directly to our account, this will be accepted as means profit rather then rent. I trust that the above time is acceptable for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now two questions. 1. what the hell do they mean by means profit, do they mean its not rent but they are keeping it as profit, can they even do that if it does mean that? 2. Is it a good idea to meet here or would it be better to say that we want to meet at the agents office?
  8. I wanted to come to an amicable agreement right from the start, but just wanted to make sure it was a good idea to have a meeting with them.
  9. Hi guys The agency got back to me on Thursday six days after my original request and with me chasing almost every day to say the landlord said we had to be out by Monday, so I sent the letter by next day recorded delivery. I just said in it that the section 21 notice was invalid because the dates didnt give me a minimum of two months notice so we wouldnt be moving out on the Monday, and I invited them to send me another section 21 notice giving us two months notice. They obviously received it Friday as they telephoned me at 2pm to say it was valid and that they had been in contact with the landlord that morning about it and wanted to arrange a meeting between us, the landlord and the letting agency to discuss the situation - have to say I am annoyed that it took them 6 days to get an answer to us extending the notice, but when we find they have made a mistake and we dont have to leave on monday they can discuss it with the landlord within a couple of hours. I said I couldnt meet up on Monday so they said they would speak to the landlord and come back to me to arrange a day and time we could all get together, after having to chase the agent every day they called again when I was out Friday afternoon and again left two messages on Saturday when I was out asking me to call them back, I called back Saturday afternoon and the agent wasnt there so I left a message saying I would call them back on Tuesday as I was out on Monday. What should I do, should I go to a meeting with them all or would that be an own goal, any advice as always would be great??
  10. I will take your advice and do just that, many thanks again.
  11. Your right and at the end of the day there isnt alot I can do about it, so will stick to the original plan, after all they dont seem to operate to the letter of the law anyway so chances are (hopefully) they wont realise it is valid but the two months notice start from the next rental date etc.
  12. Damn I think I will need to have a rethink on all of this, my biggest concern would be if and when things get unpleasant the agency wont provide me with a good reference - I have never missed a payment, and I should be able to pay a full six month contract up front in two months time but most other agencies are going to tell me to take a jump if the reference then says they had started court action (if it gets that far of course).
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