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  1. So basically there has been no fall of interest rates??? So why are they saying that there has been??? What can I do about this?
  2. Hi my husband and I are claiming ESA as he is disabled and I am his carer - we had a letter yesterday from the DWP stating that due to a change in our circumstances the amount they are paying towards our mortgage has changed. It works out that we now have to find nearly £32 extra a month - ok that's fine but why has it changed ? Nothing has changed for us so we can't see why the payments have changed. To be sure I rang the mortgage provider to ask if there had been any changes there, they said no. I rang the DWP and asked them and they told me that the bank of England's interest rate had fallen from 3.6% to 3.1%, so they have altered the amount they can pay towards our mortgage. That's fine so I was happy with that so hung up. However this has been bugging me as I haven't heard anything about this on the news and the mortgage company didn't seem to think there had been any changes either. I turned to google and I a cant find anything to say there has been a fall in the rate. All I can find are predictions to say that they predict a rise not a fall in the later part of this year!!! Can anyone shed some light on this matter? And if I'm right can the DWP do this? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. I've looked into the Rated people thing - apparently from what I have read they are not interested - they say they will get someone to ring you and they never do - so not even going to bother going down that route, as I can do without the added stress.
  4. The electrician is part of his team but the wires were supposed to have been run prior to the plastering - then when sockets etc were to e put on a different electrician came along and said original wires and cables were not correct so had to channel them out. He will have to re plaster but its going to ruin my so called new kitchen - the original plasterer made a terrible mess. The latest with this is that I have had one worktop fitted and my gas hob so that I can cook a meal now instead of having a takeaway - I have refused however to have the other temporary worktops fitted as they are horrible and I fear if they it them that I may be lumbered with them as he will never finish the job
  5. Yes the quote was for the whole job - I had to pay for the kitchen up front - then on completion pay the balance. I haven't paid anything else.
  6. I was measured up for a kitchen by Wren in January this year - after quieting a price they then sent out a surveyor who added another nearly £2000 to the price - I saw an ad on TV for rated people and asked for them to send some workmen to give quotes - I ended up going with a man who said he could get the same wren kitchen for me and do all the work for nearly £3000 cheaper than wren had quoted. He drew up an email contract outlining the work that was tobe done and asked that I pay him for the kitchen upfront so he could order it as they need 6 weeks to deliver. I transferred the money to him and sat back and waited until the end of February when he said he would be starting the work. He told me the work would take a total of two weeks. The work was started a week later than scheduled but the old kitchen was removed and work done on the walls and ceiling. To cut a long story short the kitchen turned up at the end of April 8 weeks late and it is incomplete - we have had excuse after excuse and it seems that the men are only sent out a maximum of twice a week to keep us quiet. Well after 9 weeks of forking out for takeaways and total stress as I can't find half the families personal possessions as they are all stored in a room that I can hardly get into - its got to a point where I can't cope anymore. I have tried explaining to him how we are feeling and that it's unacceptable that we have to live like this - he talks his way out of it by promising he will get it sorted soon then when that deadline comes something happens and no one turns up. As it stands now I have half a kitchen installed - all my appliances are here but not fully installed so I can't use them. I have no sink facilities as we have no worktop and the electrician came in today and channeled through the newly plastered walls -- we still owe him for the work that he has been doing here but because the job has been going on and on where do we stand about note paying for the work that he has done. He has had temporary worktops delivered today to fit until mine are delivered in two weeks time(so he says) he tells lies also. I don't particularly want temporary stuff but I have no choice as the takeaways are so expensive for a family of four. Any advice would be welcome I don't know what to do and it's making me physically ill.
  7. How can I get these companies to respond to my letters?
  8. Saffron road is where I sent the complaint - recorded delivery - so they are obviously choosing to ignore my letter and yes the account was closed before they went over to Barclaycard My husbands citi card was an old associates card which I know were taken over by citi - it would be with citi as I believe it's only the more recent accounts that went over to opus. How to I get these people to respond to my letters then?
  9. Hi I used to have a Monument credit card and have been trying to get hold of the account number etc to claim back my PPI that I know I had on the account the trouble is they are either not responding or I am sending the letters to the wrong address. Does anyone know who they are these days are where they are based? Previous letters have been sent to Saffron Road in Leeds with no reply. Also my husband has been trying to claim his PPI from Citi but the address for this is also unclear. Any help would be gratefully accepted.
  10. OK = no sent off all paperwork for my claim - its a long complicated one so i wont go into that bit as thats not the problem at the moment. The claim was submitted back in August and the expected decision date was week ending 26th October 2012. I waited a week heard nothing and after trying to ring several number without being about to speak to a person, i did mange to get through to someone who said the offer letter had been sent out to us back on 1st September - that was over 7 weeks before. Obviously we had not had this as i wouldnt have been caling them up they said that they would put another in the post asap. A week later - still no letter - called again - they said they would email the department and get it sent out straight away. a week later - still no letter - called again - they promised that i would have it before Friday which was four days away - friday come and gone - no letter!!!!! Three phone calls and still no letter three weeks have passed since the 8 weeks have elapsed - what am i supposed to do - the offer has been made - its for over £8000, but i cant accept/decline this if i dont get a letter - can i now go to the ombusman??????
  11. I found some paperwork yesterday for A secured loan taken out in 2000. The company then was The Associates who later went onto become CitiFinancial. I have no idea what Citis contact address is and can only find a po box address - does anyone know the address please and can anyone confirm that the Associates did become Citi financial? I have also read that that if the company was not registered with the FSA at the time the loan was taken out then the ombudsman will not take on the case. Is it worth claiming?
  12. Ok sorry not replied - been really busy. I sent a letter asking for something to be done (10.06.2011) I plan to give them two weeks to reply, but i do not hold my breathe on this. if i do not here - what is the next step? The warranty is the installation warranty not an insurance one and there are no 'big' brands involved. What is the MD you ask me to find? sorry not that good with abbreviations.
  13. Hi, In 2007 I bought a set of patio doors that came with a 10 year warrenty. Last winter i noticed a draft coming through and on further inspection could see that daylight was showing through the seals of the door. I phoned up the company that fitted them and was told they would be in the area within the next month and would contact me then for a convienient day to visit. That was last November - since then I have rang up at least once if not twice a month to be told the same thing!! I did tackle the answer last time and she told me that she would get back to me by the end of the day to arrange something. That was three weeks ago and i'm still waiting. In the meantime I have lost over 6 months of my warrenty and still noone has been to resolve the situation. I have tried to get in touch with my local trading standards office but they dont seem to be answering the phone. Does anyone know where I stand as far as this warrantly is concerned and whether or not I can threaten legal action?
  14. nothing from bank apart from a letter saying that they wont be paying anything because the OFT test case was sucessful for them!!! Just read the link - basically if you are not prepared to go down the court route then it's not worth persueing??? Had this been a couple of years ago, I might have done so, but depression and stress of autistic sons exams fast approaching - I don't think this is an option for me right now. I havent heard from the courts yet regarding my claim, but a Citi claim submitted and stayed at the same time has just been lifted so Barclays will probabley be imminent.
  15. Ok thanks for that - Have read, but still struggling to get my head around it. Has anyone written to the banks yet requesting their money and if so how did they word it???? I know it says not to use template letters but a peek at someone elses would aid in the writing of my own, and exactly what I would need to include. Thanks.
  16. No documents exchanged that I can remember - how would I go about the wording of the request?
  17. Hello, sorry if i've put this in the wrong place, I have been viewing the site but don't know if I have overlooked this but....are there any template letters with regard to claiming bank charges - after the OFT test case???? Martin Lewis said back in feb 2010 that he would be issuing letters for us to use, but since then have not seen or heard of any. Does this mean there is no point in following this up anymore? My case was part refunded on the gounds of hardship - but I was wondering where i stood now with regards to the rest????
  18. Help needed please............................had a letter from the courts today to do with this claim, it reads; Before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn Qc sitting at Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2 Park Street Cardiff, CF10 1ET. IT IS ORDERED THAT Upon it being noted that a decision has been made by the Supreme Court in the test litigation as to Bank Charges namely the Office of Fair Trading -v-Abbey National PLC and others whereby the appeal by the banks was allowed (a press summary of which was issued on behalf of the Supreme Court and is attached to this order) IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The stay of this action is lifted. 2. Where an individual is the Claimant, (whether defending a claim and/or pursuing a counterclaim), the Calimant: a)shall advise the court in writing by 02June 2010 whether he/she wishes to proceed woth the case and shall serve a copy of the same on the other party by the same date; b)shall if the Claimant so advises the court case that it is wished to proceed, have permission to amend the particulars if Claim or Defence and Counterclaim, if appropriate, shall send a copy of any proposed amendment to the court and to the other party by 16 June 2010; c)shall inform the court where he/she would like the case to be heard. 3. If the Claimant shall have so advised the court that he/she wishes the case to proceed, the bank/building society shall by 14 july 2010 serve and file an Amended Pleading, if appropriate, and advise the Court of a time estimate for the hearing, whereupon further directions shall be given. 4. If no action is taken by any party by 11 August 2010 then the action will be struck out with no order for costs. 5. This Order having been made by the Court of its own initiative each party may apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed provided that is does so within 7 days after the date on which the order on it pursuant to CPR 3.3 (5) & 6. Ok that's the letter but there was no attached as stated in paragraph one. What do I do now???? Is is worth continuing with this claim - it's been so long I can hardly remember what has happened previously. After the test case results are they still paying out on cards?????? Help please...........thanks.
  19. OMG - I'm worried now, I wrote today telling them that the FOS will be investigating. Is that ok?? I haven't filled in the forms yet but have sent the letters to the bank telling them this.
  20. Yeah I was informed of that too - but I phoned the FOS today and asked them if this was correct - they said that because it's a hardship case then - yes - they can deal with it.
  21. HELP - I've just been informed that I cant go down the FOS route as I have a claim stayed by the court - is this correct???? I am baffled and don't know what to do - I just need to send my bank something today so they don't close my case.
  22. Tagal - I am in a bit of a panic as I need to get something off to the banks today as the deadline ends sometime next week. I have just been on the phone to the FOS and they have said they will be willing to take this on for me - leaving me to inform the bank that this is the route I am going down. I was lucky that they paid part payment due to hardship, but that was before the results of the test case. I wish you well in your quest and hope they pay out for you.
  23. I am finding this really confusing and I am not sure which angle to follow. According to the link poosted there are two routes I can go down Do I go down the 'claim on hold in court' route???? As if so it's telling me to come to this forum for help..... OR The other route is 'Already sent a letter to the bank' route which is telling me that I can write and ask for the remainder of the money I am claiming (under financial hardship' even though they have paid some of this out to me already. So which is advised???? Sorry to appear so dumb but it's so confusing!!!!
  24. 8 week deadline due up in a week - any further advice please??????
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