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  1. Received a response today with a credit note and confirmation outstanding balance is Nil. Thanks everybody.
  2. I see it now as intended. It's just not a writing style I expected at the time. Thank you.
  3. As I understand it this is a letter before action (It is headed "Final Notice Before Legal Action"). The first mail I received was simply the invoice to which I replied stating no contract existed and asked only why they believed otherwise, nothing else. I received no reply. This latest letter is titled "Final Notice Before Legal Action", exact wording below.
  4. Ah interesting. I had thought it a joke. I went with the following and have asked someone to print already. I'm still able to change it and re-print. You're probably right that I need to be more forceful. The company is Rickerby Ltd
  5. Thank you, that is reassuring and confirms my thoughts. Hopefully this will be the end of it but I will keep the topic updated.
  6. Hi BankFodder, Thanks for helping. They did indeed rewire a switch while inspecting though I did not ask for this. There was no improvement to the mower when they left. I was left with a non functioning mower in a worse condition than when they arrived as they removed the steering wheel and some other plastic coverings to get access to the circuit board they visually inspected and did not refit these. The mower was sold as seen in a non working state via Facebook marketplace and I no longer have it. This is a private matter. I am not a commercial operation.
  7. Hi Slick132, Thanks for your reply and warm welcome. No I was not told of any charges for the visit or for preparing a quote. I did not sign any paperwork or agree to any charges at all. Thanks Andy. I originally called a different company I found from a web search. They didn’t deal with my make of mower and gave me the number of this company.
  8. Hello all, I would be grateful for some opinions from forum members on a dispute I’m having. I called a repair company in July to ask for a quote to repair a ride on lawnmower that was running but the cutting deck was not starting. I mentioned I suspected it was an electrical problem and they offered to have someone else call. No mention of any callout charge or charge to quote was mentioned. An engineer later called me and said they would look over the machine and get me a price for repairs. They turned up later that day and I showed them the machine. The
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