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  1. Thank you, feel a bit better now!!! Its all getting a bit real now but I am not gonna let them get away with it!!! Fingers crossed !!
  2. So do I wait the 14 days and put a court claim in as instructed? Was phil beaumont the right person to send the letters to? sorry I am doubting if I have done it right now!!
  3. Hi Just a quick one to check I am doing what I am supposed to be!!!! I have sent the prelim letter and the letter before action to phil beaumont and have had absolutly no responce from them, is this normal? Not even a letter saying they will look into it?? Help!!
  4. Nay

    Us versus HSBC

    Hi all, and thanks in advance to the CAG for their plethera of advice and information which will undoubtedly arm us in the battle to come. Good luck to everyone else trying to get some justice...
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