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  1. Well at 9:30am this morning I faxed my signed agreement back to Barclays and by 11:30am the £1391.89 was in my bank account. I am so happy that I have finally *!!!!!WON!!!!!* I haven't stopped smiling all day:D Anyone who's interested my contact at Barclays was Dino Papaevripides (not sure if male/female, assuming male) Tel: 0207 116 1943 Fax: 01452 638 196 E-mail: [email protected]
  2. If the AQ has been dispensed with and your claim is less than £1500, then there will be no fee to pay.
  3. Good luck with your claim Saintly - hope your's goes as well as mine!
  4. Cheers everyone.... Have had a few probs e-mailing to my contact - the e-mail keeps rejecting from the contacts mailbox due to size. I'll have to fax my agreement on Tuesday but all should still go to plan!
  5. I received the settlement letter from Barclays this morning and they are offering £1391.89 - this is the amount showing on my MCOL claim form. They haven't added the extra interest (daily rate at £0.23) but this only equates to approx £15.00 so I'm not going to argue, and just accept their offer. In a minute I'm going to cross out the confidentiality agreement, sign it and e-mail the letter to my contact. All going well and the money should be in my account Tuesday! Nearly there now, and I haven't even had to do any court bundles!
  6. Hooray - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! This morning I was still having no luck getting in touch with Krysta - I called her numerous times and left a message on her answer machine. She had not replied to my e-mails so I forwarded them to Kate as per Dar£n's suggestion (thanks! ) and booked a half day from work for 31/05/07 as I was starting to think I would actually have to attend the prelim hearing! Thankfully, this afternoon I received an e-mail from Barclays: So far, so good - lets hope I get the letter tomorrow and the figures match mine! I've not cancelled my half day yet as there's still a chance I might have to attend the prelim. Hopefully, on Tuesday the money will be in my account and I will finally be able to relax! Once this is over, I will post the details for my contact - I have name/e-mail/direct line. I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone's support, advice and encouragement. This site is a great help and I will definitely be making a donation as soon as I get the money to show my gratitude. I'll keep you posted!
  7. C L Finance is part of Cattles, who own The Lewis Group - a DCA. Hope this helps.
  8. I've tried ringing her a few times since I finished work, but no answer....I'll try her before I start work tomorrow, hopefully she'll be in the office early. I'll send her another e-mail tonight as well then she'll have it first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the info Miss Muppet, I'll definitely have a read of that.
  9. Yes - that's what is puzzling me, I thought Krysta would have got straight back in touch seeing as it is so close.
  10. Cheers Tipsy, hopefully she'll reply to my e-mail. It's hard for me to telephone her during 9-5 cos I'm at work and only have my lunch and breaks to call her! It would be typical if she had the same lunch hour as me!
  11. Hi, Does anyone have an alternative contact to Krysta Campbell in the Barclays Litigation dept? I have telephoned her twice today, but no answer. I sent her an e-mail at 12:30pm but have still not had a response. Does anyone know if she is at work - she may be sick or on holiday? I really need to get the ball rolling and see if they will settle now as there are only 3 working days left until my prelim hearing and I really do not want to go (I will tho, if I have to!) Thanks,
  12. Cheers Dar3n, I've just been working out my figures and the claim currently stands at £1405.82. Any tips on how I should start my conversation with Krysta? - I don't want to mess this up now! Thanks:)
  13. Thanks Pat & Tipsy - I'll give Barclays a call tomorrow. The courts have only given me 8 days notice for this hearing and it just panicked me cos it's not something I was expecting. Hopefully they'll be prepared to settle!
  14. Hi, I received Barclays defence on 10/05/07 and have been waiting patiently for a court date to come through the post, however I have today received a Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (preliminary hearing) It states: FYI - The AQ was dispensed with in this case. I really was not expecting to have to go to court - even if it is just for a prelim hearing - and I'm puzzled now as to what to do next. Do I need to attend the hearing - I have spent an hour trying to find a thread with suggestions on what to do next, but I am having no luck. Should I contact Barclays to negotiate settlement?? Any suggestions would be really welcome. Thanks I have attached my usual thread below so you can read my claim to date. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/68531-banksworstnightmare-barclays.html
  15. Hi, I've recently paid off my Amex after they increased my interest rate from 6% to a whopping 25% because I late paid a few times. I only had the account for a year and was charged £8 on numerous occassions for both exceeding the agreed limit and late payments (sometimes exceeding the limit occured when they added late payment charges/interest onto the account.) Is it fair for them to charge this amount? The charges only come to about £80.00 (i'm a/w copies of statements after ordering online so will need to double check) and I am tempted to try and claim this back as £80's better off in my pocket then theirs! Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks:)
  16. I am claiming back bank charges from Barclays and received my defence in the post today. I also received a letter from Barclaycard advising that they had recently reviewed my account and that I will no longer be able to withdraw cash. I suspect that this is in retaliation to me claiming back my bank charges cos I haven't been able to withdraw cash on my card for a long time now (I try once a month to see if it'll let me, but it never does!) All I can say is ha ha to them cos they're next on my list and I'll think I'll also claim for Contractual Interest as well!
  17. Barclays defended my claim on 26.03.07, and I have today received from the Court: A Notice of Transfer of Proceedings. An order stating that the filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. Barclays defence. (I have copied this out below.) It seems pretty standard to me. As I said above, it seems standard stuff. Why can't they write these things in plain Engish! If anyone out there has any comments regarding the defence (especially anything I should be worried about!) please let me know:) I shall now be reading up on what happens next - especially now the AQ has been dispensed with. Thanks
  18. Ok - here is my response to their letter (it's 2 pages long!) If anyone has any comments/improvements, or if doesn't make sense, please can you let me know. The letter is going to be sent on Monday 23.04.07. Basically, up until 2005, Barclays set individual sales targets. As the Guardian reported, individuals were strongly incentivised to sell loans with PPI. As I took out my loan in December 2003, this means that Barclays were working to individual sales targets and this is why I believe I was inappropriatley pressurised into taking out the protection.
  19. Posted my 1st repayment request letter to Barclays on 05.04.07 - which they received on 09.04.07. They then sent me a pretty standard letter advising they would respond by 08.05.07. To my surprise I actually received their response on 19.04.07, which is very quick for Barclays! I have posted a copy of the letter below, it is from Mrs Jayne Summers - Customer Relations Manager: The end of the letter is just the usual crap. This letter has really annoyed me because they have missed my point completely about why I think I was mis-sold the policy. Just because I never cancelled the policy, they think I was happy with the whole situation and so do not believe it was mis-sold. So last night I spent the best part of 3 hours writing my response. I wanted to make it crystal clear why I was mis-sold the policy and have included a few interesting facts I found on the Internet. I will post this separately or this post is gonna get too long!
  20. Ok - If you filed with MCOL on 12/03/07, it should have been deemed served on 17/03/07. 28 days from then is 14/04/07.
  21. Hi Chippy, Looks like your claims in front of mine! The 28 days starts from the day the claim was deemed served (usually 5 days after you filed the claim) NOT the date the claim was acknowledged. Just forget about the acknowledgement for now and work out 28 days from when the claim was deemed served, this will then give you the date they need to defend by.
  22. Hi again Chippy, I think my claim is a few days in front of yours - you can follow my thread to see what happens if you like. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/68531-banksworstnightmare-barclays.html Hopefully they won't defend and I'll get judgement by default!
  23. Thats still a good amount to get back after sending two letters - well done. You should PM a mod to get your thread moved to the winners section.
  24. Hi Chippy, If Barclays have acknowledged the claim they will have 28 days from the day it was deemed served to defend the claim. If they don't defend then you have won! My MCOL claim was filed on 26/03/07 - deemed served on 31/03/07. They acknowledged on 04/04/07 and so have until 28/04/07 to defend the claim. Personally, I wouldn't call them at this stage. My plan is to wait until 28/04/07 to see what happens. If they defend I'll be issued a court date and I'll probably contact them 2 weeks before we're due in court to see if they'll settle - this is what the majority have done and they usually pay up. Good Luck
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