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  1. They were £163.44 out but as an underpayment. I sent a letter to them rejecting the claim and explained why and also rejecting the conditions set.
  2. Have a read of this guide. I found it really helpful. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html
  3. Hiya and welcome!! Just a quick one to be aware of. You can only claim statutory interest at the court stage not before, so you may want to amend your letter before it goes out. The only interest you can claim is contractual which is the OD interest part on statements. However, you can only claim for the amount of interest relevant to the charge.
  4. Sorry - missed out the other question!! Amend the letter to take out the bit about the interest. That section relates to what would be overdraft interest on your statement. A lot of people don't claim for that as it can be complicated to calculate. NB. That is different to the interest on the spreadsheet. That one is kinda like charging interest them for having your money
  5. At this stage Yes. Do not include it until you have to complete a court claim form (N1). Don't worry. I felt like this when I first started. Just ask if you are stuck.
  6. In all honesty - probably would not matter. When I sent my LBA in it took them nearly 1 1/2 months to respond. By that time I had already put in my court claim and was waiting for the papers to be served!
  7. I picked this up off another post - just in case what i said was waffle which does happen getting close to this time of the evening!!! If, during any month that you incurred charges, you were in an overdraft situation (authorised or not), you will have been charged interest. Part of that interest will refer to the charges incurred. This is reclaimable. However, it can be difficult to extrapolate the element that refers to the charges from the total overdraft interest. Often, it is a relatively small amount and many claimants do not bother with it. On the other hand, if your ‘overdraft’ consisted entirely of unlawful charges, then all the interest would be reclaimable and might be a significant amount. This can happen when an account is ‘dormant’ and racking up only charges. So it all depends on the activity and balances on the account, which only you can measure.
  8. Yes. Both dated the same. A ctually was a bit confusing.THe first one trying to justify the charges and the second with what appears to be the same points as the defence plus the settlement. All rather strange.
  9. Hiya, It depends on the type of interest you are claiming for - contractual of statutory. The statutory interest can only be added when it gets to the court stage. There are speadsheets to help calaulate this. However, the contractual is a bit more complicated in that it is the overdraft interest. This interest is only for the amount that the charge is accountable for. For example, if you have a £200 overdraft and have used £100. A charge is applied taking you to £130. You can only claim for the £30 worth of interest. I hope this makes sense!!
  10. The account charge will be for a specific type of account and is not claimable. I have a gold account and get charged £10 a month. It comes up as 'Fixed Service Charge' as payment type and then Account charge as the description.
  11. Hiya, I got the same letter as well. Again, in two envelopes. They offered me full settlement but added it up wrong. Also had the confidentiality clause. Did any of you have that bit as well?
  12. Hiya, I have just stumbled on your thread and cannot believe these people. :-x Good luck with it all.
  13. Thanks Guido, That letter is ideal. Will be posting the rejection off today so we wait in see. Today is the due date for the AQ. I have sent mine in but will be contacting the court to see if SC&M have done anything.
  14. Sounds good. That should reinforce it to them. I've seen that somewhere as well and can't find it for the life of me. Thank you for looking. Hope things go well with yours.
  15. Ooh - thanks for picking that up. Totally missed that out!! Too busy thinking about the math! Do you think I can get away with amending the last sentance to say.... 'Should you wish to settle my claim in full, then please forward the balance of the claim £1533.09 without conditions and I will inform the court that the claim is settled.'
  16. Yep, I got the confidential one but also the please book an appointment with your bank manager to review your account..' As if... they got me into this blinking mess!!!!
  17. It appears the SC&M are playing different games - My AQ was due 14th April and I have received a letter from SC&M offering a final settlement (incorrectly added at that). However, they have added some conditions to them. Bina
  18. I have put together the letter for the bank and would really appreciate some feedback. I have adapted the letter from the templates but just want to be sure. Bina Response to settlement offer. Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your letter dated 5/4/07. I respectfully decline your offer of £1269.65 as settlement of my claim as this is £263.44 short of the full amount. My claim is for £1787.50 plus interest as outlined in my Particulars of Claim, plus all court costs of £220 (Court fee plus allocation questionnaire), and this claim will continue until payment is made in full. Should you wish to settle my claim in full, then please forward the balance of the claim £1533.09 without further conditions and I will inform the court that the claim is settled. I trust this clarifies my position. Yours faithfully
  19. Don't worry about contacting them for a response. That's their responsibility to do so. You need to complete a N1 form to submit a claim to the courts. I haven't yet managed to post a link but the address below will take you to the templates. Do some reading and follow that through. When I started this bit it was a bit scary but CAG make it very straight forward for us. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/ Hope it helps, Bina
  20. Hang in there David. They are a bit slow but it will come right. Bina
  21. Hi everyone!! I believe I am on the brink of success but not there yet. I need advice. I have just received a letter from SC&M with an offer but need clarification on what it exactly is saying - also if this includes my AQ fee and interest up until the day it is paid. If not, how can I get that. This is the statement I need help with: 'The bank is, without prejudice to the position set out above, willing to pay you the £1787.50, you are claiming by way of bank charges and interest if pleaded, plus Court fee of £120 in full and final settlement of your claim.' 'The above amounts totalling (£1269.65 in total) will be credited to your account. This payment takes into account the sum of £750 already paid to you by our client on the 20/3/07.' I have also noticed the math does not add up!! No idea whats going on. My N1 had interest of £275.59 added on but even still can't see how they have this figure. Please advise!!!! Bina
  22. Hi Gary, I am completing my AQ and I think I got it but do I wait until the court responds or should I be doing my court bundle within 14 days? Bina
  23. Ok - feeling really thick now!! With my AQ I'm sending a draft order for directions, that states I will submit my bits within 14 days. (I assume the court bundle) Now is that from when I return this AQ or do I wait for the court to respond. Feeling rather confused.
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