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  1. I am so confused now. I feel like I am totally out of my depth. What if there are any mistakes on the statements to how much they owe me, will the court throw it out and I will have to re do it all again? I'm getting paro now. I thought they may have accepted my offer of £600 less than they owe so now this has thrown me. Why would they want to spend more money on solicitors fees when they could have closed my complaint at an opportunity! What things should I post on here with regards to particulars of claim. I am so thick when it comes to this Em xx
  2. Hello, Right, I recieved a letter 2 weeks ago offering me a grand less than I am owed and declined. I said I would accept £600 more than they offered but have now recieved a letter from Cobbetts saying they have enclosed by way of service the Defendants Defence. It is saying that the Claim Form does not include a statement of truth signed by the claimants. The civil procedures rules to strike out the Particulars of claim in their entirety and dismiss the claim etc etc. Also says without predujice to the non-admission set out in the foregoing paragraph, if an to the extent that the
  3. Do they accept the amount that you suggest though? Like I rejected but suggested a different amount which was less than they owe me. Would they rather pay me that than the full amount? Em xx
  4. I had a letter last week saying that as a goodwill gesture Natwest would pay me £2790.00. I sent a lketter declining and said I would accept £3495 they owe me £3895. Do they usually accept if you state an amount or will it carry on going to court? Em xx
  5. Unfortunately I don't. I have looked but I know back in June I lost a whole load of files from my documents so I have a feeling they were in there. Damn! I have already altered the spreadsheet as they would be altered anyway. I will just go ahead with the claim without all this as there's nothing I can do I suppose. I will keep hard copies from now on which I have. I send my application to the courts this week. If I don't get my money back then I haven't lost anything trying to get it back in the process. Just means I am back in the same boat as I was before I heard you can d
  6. Hi, I have sent my LBA 14 days ago tomorrow. I have recieved a letter saying "we will look into your claim and get back to you". I am now preparing my N1 form. The trouble is I have had a look through my spreadsheet and there was a few errors on there and so I have had to take off a few charges as they weren't eligable for recovery. However, my letters to get the charges back are going to have different amounts - lower amounts. Will this affect it? I also only have my LBA and the reply from Stuart Higley to go into my corrrespondance if I have to do a court bundle, I can't find the
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