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  1. well done on your win! i am thinking of claiming back from barclaycard, will let you know how it goes.
  2. i have just done this with first direct as £55 was due to be taken from my account at the end of the month. they are going to refund half.
  3. received a letter from DG Sols saying that HSBC would refund me all my charges - only £258, so not as much as some peoples, but still, it will come in handy!!! for anyone thinking of doing this, please do it! and dont get disheartened along the way - i didnt hear ANYTHING until this letter, just kept sending the standard letters... so thanks to this brilliant site and to all the people who helped along the way!
  4. i didnt hear anything from them eirther. did my MCOL the other day.
  5. thank you so much, thats really helpful.
  6. I have just done this online. do i need to post it as well?
  7. does that mean i have to go to a court to fill in the claim?
  8. when i first wrote to my branch to ask for statements, the guy below at that address wrote to me. Ian Shepherd HSBC bank plc Coventry DSC Harry Weston Road Binley West Midlands CV3 2TQ from then on, i have been sending all correspondance to him, but to date i havent heard anything. am i sending it to the right person? i have sent my LBA and am now going to send the next one, just wanna check i am sending it to the right person! my claim is only around £200 so why arent they writing back to me?
  9. I sent my LBA letter to HSBC and i havent heard anything back. now i have to send the next letter. should i do it, or wait to hear back? has anyone had a similar experience?
  10. winkle1

    Help please

    thats a great help. i have decided against it. thanks. i'll let you know how i get on.
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