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  1. thanks every one have checked deeds not on there, but can remember when we bought the house soliciter said if access has been used for so many years it becomes legal right of way. have spoken to council and they way goodbye drive BUGGERSSSS
  2. hi all, i have a drive on rear of my home it is accessed by a council lane.the house was built in 1974 and drive has always been there.previous owner paid council one off fee for access. council now plan to build in lane hence taking my access and leaving me with useless drive any one know what to do. plzz cheers wools:?
  3. hi all, at the rear of my house i have a parking space it has been there since 1974.it is accessed from a council lane witch they are now going to build on.the previous owner of our house paid the council for legal access.but they are now saying they will take it away tough luck is this legal plzz can someone help wools:cry:
  4. sorry but it is illegal to drive on a motorway without a spare when fitted as standerd.most super cars carry a sealent for punctures
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