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  1. Hi have a business account with HSBC & was wondering does any one know if you can claim for "Charge, arrangement fee" this is a charge added to the account for when the overdraft has been increased at my request. Sometimes this charge can be over £100... Moo:confused:
  2. :D HA, HA!!:D Natwest have just sent me a letter offering a "gesture of goodwill without admission of liability or error" of £1,842.00. This is all my charges, however can I still reject this & ask for the 8% interest of £213.04 & the court fee of £120.00 & am I likely to get it? £213.04 £213.04
  3. Got a reply from cobbetts yesterday saying they are defending the claim.... What do I do now, have I got to submit my case to the courts or something:?
  4. Hi I have a £2K claim with NatWest....I have sent off all the other letters with no responce at all. Also handed my Particulars of claim form to the court on Friday 11th May. So am I right in thinking I should have responce within 14 days, is that working days or does it include weekends?
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