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  1. I didn't take anything out. I don't owe this. Sent a letter years ago saying I didn't owe it and they said they would sort it but just kept passing from one dca to another. Now I have court action starting against me
  2. 1) Yes we closed our HSBC current account which is listed as a different file and all in good order (as it should be) 2) We sent a letter stating the debt was not ours
  3. Awaiting claim pack (stated in letter we will receive soon) Not our debt First we ever knew was a couple of years ago when we received a letter from Marlin. We sent a letter saying we didn't owe the money could they please correct the issue as we assumed they have the wrong people. Said that they would deal with it and passed onto another debt collector. And the cycle continues, we say we don't owe, they said they will deal with it but just pass it on. Until now
  4. According to a letter today yes they have issued a court claim. Not sure what to do Thanks again
  5. The letter said owed to HSBC but credit file entry is in the name of Marlin
  6. But shouldn't there be a history attached to that file? I assumed it would show 6yrs of transactions. My bank account shows 6yrs of being in good order. Thank you for your reply
  7. Hi Received a letter from weightmans saying they have issued court proceedings against me. I have know about this for a few years and queried it at the time as we didn't owe it. Didn't hear anything until a couple of months ago. We didn't. Contact them and assumed they would bother someone else. After today's letter I checked my credit file and their entry looks odd (no history on account just default) Is this a normal entry? Any help please
  8. Hi I brought a car a couple of weeks ago, which i am happy with. It was sold with service history (which i looked at). When collecting the car i was told that it had been left at the garage when it was mot'd, just pop in next week and it will be there. Well i have and three weeks later they are stating they are having trouble finding it but not to worry as a new manual has been ordered. Pretty gutted as i am sure without the history it would devalue the car. Advise please, thankyou
  9. I brought a car in April last year and have made a claim on the warranty. It is 5 months out of warranty and we are still having the same issue. I have sent a letter to the dealer who has not replyed. I have pasted the letter so you can see all the problems. I am writing to you with regard to a C-Max we brought from you 11/4/08 registration *******. This car was slow when we brought it, but just put this down to swapping to a smaller engine. Over a few months we noticed it started to drink oil and became erratic . In March of this year we informed you of the problems that were affe
  10. Thanks just called my bank and have to sign a form to say i have not received the item then my account will have the £109 back Sally
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