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  1. Can my friend get in trouble for sending this to the franchise head office of the letting agent? or are they allowed to be made aware?
  2. XXXX Ltd xxx XX11 XXX Mr xxx XXX XX56 5FD xxnd SEPTEMBER 2011 SENT BY ROYAL MAIL SPEICAL NEXT DAY DELIVERY. FORMAL NOTICE OF INTENDED ACTION RE: XXX (property address Property “xxx” (the property) Tenant “xxx” (the tenant) Landlord “xxx” (the landlord) Agency/Agent “CCC” (the agent) Tenancy “Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for rental of the Property commencing on xx/xx/xxxx between Tenant & Agent & Landlord” (the tenancy) Dear Sirs, After numerous telephone calls and emails with
  3. I contacted my letting agent on 12th April 2010 regarding water contamination at my property. The water board have confirmed that the water contamination is caused by the pipe between the stop tap in the street and the stop tap in the kitchen because it is made out of lead. The water board took a sample which came back 10 times higher than what they consider a safe amount to drink and told us not to drink the water. They also stated it is even more detrimental to give it to my daughter who is 2 years old. The lead pipe is actually breaking down into the water with little bits of le
  4. We can use meters but we work off tarrif cards. Some jobs like airports and distance work is quoted and fixed. Like if we go to Manchester airport it's £40 from lpool but if we go to Manchester it's off the tarrif so it's like £55-£60.
  5. The most I ever wait is 5 mins between jobs unless am on the wirral or out In Manchester. We got bout 2000 drivers aswell it's a huge company now. I prefer the security of the private hire system.
  6. They wanted £200 per week off me an extra £114.50 onto of what I'd normally pay. I can't afford that so communication has come to an end.
  7. I used to be on the city hacks myself but got bored of sitting on ranks so I was a traitor and went in for me Sefton badge. I can make on a Monday night on delta what I made on the city hacks from Sunday - wednesday. We are doing bout 300,000 jobs a week now. Will scan letter tomorrow when I'm home.
  8. Yes they are aware it was bought for use as a PH taxi. Yes liabily was accepted by third party was a simple rear ender. Godddd is it nationwide knowledge about the murder with delta and the city hacks? It's died down a bit now but they still hate us and the occasional bit of murder haha.
  9. I purchased the car from mannings with no warrenty and no gap insurance. I am licenced by the county council
  10. No I've never had a business acct. I don't have a drive but I have access to an open drive if it makes any difference. No I've never had a business account and I work for delta taxis (hire a radio) they are the biggest private hire firm in Europe.
  11. The car has also had a number of faults and have paid out quite a bit of money getting these fixed. I last made a payment a couple of weeks ago for £200.00 but having to get more work on the car done. It's not good enough really because it's only done 13k miles since I got the car a year ago because of it's time off the road. Yes I'm licensed and the car is licensed by Sefton council.
  12. The finance company is called Tracegreen Finance limited based in Liverpool. Yes it is a HP agreement. I have tried speaking to the company about the situation I am in over the car but they don't seem to care. This car is used as a taxi and is my livelyhood.
  13. I have tried that with no joy. Even if it's in the terms and conditions surely it can overide the consumer credit act?
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