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  1. Ive got a letter from court asking me to pay an allocation fee of £100 by 4pm today. There is no mention of an allocation questionaire? Can I pay the court this fee by phone or do I have to go there in person?
  2. Just got wait for the cheque now! :grin: !!!!£5100.00!!!!:grin:
  3. !!!!OH MY GOD!!!! !!!IVE WON!!! Heres the story: I sent a letter to Abbey on 13/04/07 (Triton square) to tell them that i have noted that my claim has now been transferred from MCOL to my local county court. I told them that I was very dissapointed that they had failed to settle my claim. I reminded them of how my claim was broken down and that the courts were aware that they have failed to take a single case to court. I told them that there has been several similar cases where the judge has considered striking out the defence on the grounds of an abuse of process. I said that i felt that continuing this claim would be a waste of our time and their money. I put it to them that I would accept a slightly lower offer (£11.00 less!) than my claim total to bring the matter to an end. I also reminded them the if they wanted to continue the claim further costs would be incurred, including £100 allocation questionaire fee, interest which is accruing daily and that if they were to insist on taking it to the point where a court bundle would be required that i would be charging them £9.50/hr for the work involved. Well I recieved a letter from them today stating: Dear Sir, ABBEY NATIONAL PLC-ATS-MICRODOTSTER CLAIM NUMBER: ******** We refer to your letter dated 13 April 2007. Abbey National PLC accepts your offer contained therein. Payment is being processed in the sum of £5100.00. Payment is made without admission of liability by or on behalf of Abbey National PLC and is made in full and final settlement of your claim. Upon receipt of the settlement funds please write to the court and withdraw your claim. Yours sincerely Inga Kirkman Abbey National PLC !!!!£5100.00!!!!
  4. Thanks Lateralus, ill wait and see what the court send me through the post. My Abbey claim has also been changed to defended as well now.
  5. Just checked my MCOL and have noticed that itr now says Defence. It also says that I am now waiting to be allocated to a court.
  6. Just checked my MCOL, Abbey have entered a defence, also got a letter saying about their defence particulars. The MCOL says that i am being allocated a court etc now....
  7. Ill hang fire for a week or so then.
  8. I think I agree with you both, in that I should wait until the letter arrives, if it ever does. All im worried about is that I wait and wait for the letter to arrive, then the day that a defence must be entered arrives and the defence they enter is that the figures dont match.
  9. The thing is that I sent them the correct schedule of charges but filed the wrong amount on my MCOL. My MCOL is £200.00 higher than what it should be, this is where the discrepancy is.
  10. Does anyone know which solicitor acts for Abbey, as they have acknowledged but I havent had the form through from the court yet. Also any contact details please? Also a question to those who have *WON* who does the final offer come from?
  11. Well done bong, great thread. Im seriously thinking about claiming over my 6 year claim. Got to sort out the problems with my normal claim first. LOL
  12. I phoned DG today and left a message, for them. I nearly fell over when they rang me back! They had noticed that the figures dont match and I explained why this is to the lady who rung me. I also asked what the chance of settling this out of court was and she replied that this was an option that they are looking into and they would be sending me a letter in due course. I advised her that I am in the process of amending my claim at court with the use of an N244 form, she said that it might be worth waiting for their letter to arrive before doing this, but would not confirm when they are sending this letter out. What do you think? Are they going to send me a reasonable offer out of court, or are they waiting for it to be too late for me to change the claim particulars and then get it chucked out of court? Im thinking that I should just go ahead and get the claim changed? They have until 05/04/07 to enter a defence, can their defence be that the figures dont match? Also is there a guide to filling in a N244 form anywhere as the person at MCOL said that it is quite difficult to do? They suggested that I give them a ring and they will go through it with me over the phone. The other option is to just wait? Anyone got ant ideas?
  13. Lattie, At what point do you think I need to come clean about the fact that my scehdule of charges doesnt match the figure on my MCOL. Im sure you read earlier on about the 'error' that I made. I was advised to let it go as it wont even end up in court but if it does go to judgement or passed on to a proper court, surley then I will have to fill in the N244 form, wont I? I know I keep going on about this but its worrying me that HSBC might be able to chuck it out of court because the figures dont add up. I value your advice, what do you think?
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