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  1. Hi jdes26, Can I ask what the balance was on your account? How old is your account? How long have you disputed it for? I`m toying with the idea of getting back some PPI on this account. Have you came to any deal with them since claiming back your PPI or are you still being chased by the bank and DCA`s? Send me a PM if you like.
  2. Hi pecky1, Long time, no hear. How you doing theses days? Has your Argos account been sold yet?
  3. Hi guys, The CCA is attached to Post 149 of this thread on Page 8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?112783-Lloyds-TSB-Mastercard&p=1458418&viewfull=1#post1458418 Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for the above posts. You mentioned a percentage and a valid reason for mis-sold PPI -well, the CCA does not state a value. There is no indication as to the cost of the PPI, there is just a line reading something like `Do You Want PPI Y/N?` with a tick in the `Y` box. It was an internet application and I`m sure it wouldn`t allow me to procede to the next page with having it added. There was also no paperwork explaining what is and what is not covered. I`m sure I have attatched the CCA somewhere on this thread. I`ll have a quick look through later and post a link here. Thanks again N.P
  5. Hi guys, I haven`t been on here for quite some time, as I have basically just been ignoring all these idiots. It seems they just past it around all the time now. I have been wondering laterly though - would it be possible to chase the PPI on this Argos Card? The card is maxxed out and has been in dispute due to the added PPI which was around £100+ per month. I have been chased off every DCA under the sun on the card and it has now been sold on to a DCA who has been quiet for some time. If I chase up the PPI on this card, would that be an admission of liability on this card? Would they then be able to chase me up for this? Who actually would I chase up? Argos or the DCA? If I chase Argos up, would that then make it easier for the DCA to chase me up? I look forward to hearing from you guys on this. Thanks N.P
  6. Hi people, It`s been a long time since I`ve been on this site. Things haven`t really changed much, still receiving letters and calls from random idiots. I just ignore them nowadays and it seems it just gets past on to some other morons. I was wondering lately though, although this account is not paid paid off and indispute - I was wondering if I could actually claim back the PPI on this Lloyds TSB Card? It has been maxxed out and not used for a good few years now, but if I should chase this up would that theb start the 6 year clock or be an admission of liability for this card account? Would it then become enforecable? The credit card had monthly PPI attached but the CCA did not state any amount payable, only a tick in a PPI box. I think the amount on the card may be between £6000-£7000. I was using the added PPI as part of the defence for this card. Monthly PPI added, but the CCA / contract doesn`t state any price at all, simply a ticked box - Do you Require PPI Yes / NO? I`d appreciate any info on this please, as it`s something I`ve been pondering over. I also have a maxxed out Argos card with PPI, which has been sold on. I was also pondering about that. Look forward to catching up with you guys. Thanks N.P
  7. Do you work for SH or do you consider paying 93 times the normal price for something a good deal?
  8. Hi people, Thanks for the posts regarding these clowns. Muck Hall have rant my parents house this morning, wanting to speak to me. The thing is, as mentioned previously, the so-called NOA is not directed at anyone specific. It simply states Dear customer, with NO account number or anything. The way I see it, it is not up to me to validate this NOA, it is up to them to prove it. Saying that, I still don`t deal with these **** of the earth parrassites. I think I will email them, using my CAG address, and tell them to remove my details and P-OFF! N.P
  9. Evening gang members, Ok, just a quick update on this. After receiving a number of letters from Mackenzie Hall, acting on behalf of those clowns at Aktiv. On Friday, I received a letter from Merit Force, Doorstep Collection Agents stating they have been autourised to instruct a local agent to vist within the next 10 days. These clowns are part of the same Muck Hall group and are really annoying me now. So far I haven`t responded to Aktiv or Much Hall, so I think it`s time for the usual letter of dispute to Aktiv is in order. Any comments people. N.P
  10. Hi RV, I`ve had a number of those from Iqor now. I replied this account is is dispute with Lloyds TSB, and has been for a while. Iqor wrote back again a couple of weeks later stating Lloyds TSB have no dispute files open. Now, I decide when my dispute has been resolved, not those knobs. Anyway, I received a letter a couple of days ago from Lloyds TSB, dated 24th Dec. It read their agents have not come to a satisfactory agreement with me on this, and recommend legal action. Lloyds TSB gave me 10 days to reply to this letter (dated 24th Dec) in order to avoid any legal action being taken. So, 10 days on a letter dated christmas eve, which I received Friday 31st Dec, followed by more bank holidays? What a fnnnnnnnn joke! Mine is for a Current Account and Overdraft. My point is most of it is made up of charges and interest. They have failed to provide me with any account opening paperwork or original T`s & C`s. All they do is pass it around to these clowns who bombard you with stupid fnnnnnn letters. Not sure if I can be bothered to reply any more now though. Life is too short to be messing on like this. N.P
  11. Hi RV, I`ve forgot where your upto with these lot. I`ve been busy decorating (still) lately). You could just send the solicitor an account in dispute letter, I`m sure you have one kicking about? If he has any sense he will pass the disputed account back to the empty heads at Robbers Way. N.P
  12. Hi all, This is my first post in these particular forums and I`m posting here on behalf of a friend at work. Ok, the situation is this, if I`m correct. My mate and his girlfriend would like to sell HER house and find a larger house to rent. She is divorced and has a joint mortgage with her ex hubby. Now, even though the ex hubbys name is on the mortgage, SHE maintains payments. He has long gone and no one seems to know where to find him. Their is approximetely £40,000 owed on the house, but they say it is now worth around £100,000, as work has been done and also based on surrounding homes. The question is this, is their a way she can remove the ex hubby from the mortgage as she would like to sell the house? My mate and her have thought about just letting the bank repossess the house, but I`m thinking that may be the wrong way to go about it and it would probably also mean court costs and defaults etc. If the house was repossed due to £40,000 still being owed, would the bank refund them the difference from what it was actually worth? I`m not sure how this would work, so if anyone could point me in the right direction so I can let them know, then that would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking. N.P
  13. Afternoon gang members, With regards to this NOA. This NOA seems to be a hot topic on here. I`m not sure what anyone else thinks about this particular one, but I think it looks suspicious. The reason is, I think if Egg did type/write that letter, then I`m thinking it should be on headed paper, with their address and also my account number etc. This letter looks as though anyone could have printed it out and clagged an Egg logo on. So, how would I know this is the real deal without asking Egg myself? Afterall, it is up to them to prove everything, not for me to get the proof. PT, do you have a link to the Yates V Nemo case? what was the outcome? Could we use it in any way? N.P
  14. Evening boys and girls, At the weekend I received the following letters from Aktiv, both in the same envelope. They go something like this - Number 1 Number 2 Note how the letter from Egg doesn`t state any details? Any comments people? N.P
  15. Morning HH, As it would be their claim, that would be then for them to prove I received it. I did receive a small statement later on, showing the loan had been split in two. One could say it slipped my mind, then totally forgot. Egg have now sold this account to Aktiv. I have tried logging into the Lloyds TSB account to print out statements from that time, but the account has now been blocked, which is another story, so I am unable to retrieve anything.
  16. Hi HH, Yep, that`s what I mean now. They will have to prove I received it. My statements do not show up anything from Egg, except the monthly direct debits changed both in name and amount. In short, I could argue they owe me the £13,500, and any monies I have paid them, including interest at their own rate
  17. Evening all, Well, nothing much to add except these knob jockeys have been ringing my mobile everyday. They have so far, rang 5 times today. Luckily, I have a call blocker on my HTC, which blocks all calls and instantly deletes texts from strangers. A log file is also saved incase I want to check out if anyone empty heads have tried to hassle me. Will these bell ends ever get the hint? Cool eh?
  18. Afternoon followers and friends, Right, unfortunately I received another letter this morning from those cranks at Aktiv. They have also started annoying my on my mobile, but a little APP has put a stop to that, which blocks ALL calls from numbers and withheld numbers, not listed in my phone book. It also instantly deletes SMS`s which they may also send, cool eh? It goes something like this - They seem to be offering me a small discount, and inform me that their friendly staff are there to help, how nice of them to be so concerned about my finances, or lack of. Anyway I thinking of ignoring these one, as it`s very boring. The original loan was for around £13,500 which they seemed to split in two. They kept half to pay off an Egg Card, and the other simply does not show up in my Bank Account Statements, it`s like it was never deposited. I think a letter requesting immediate payment of £13,500 might be in order next time around. Comments people? N.P
  19. N.P

    School Complaint

    Hi sj, Thanks for that. The problem is, his wife works in the school, hence the inside info, and she feels she may be sacked if it is found it is her who has been complaining. Also, I would like to add relevent law, - IE driving to school while under the influence would be a breach of the law under Section 4 of the 1988 Road Traffic Act and Section 1 of the 1991 Road Traffic Act. Thanks again. N.P
  20. N.P

    School Complaint

    Evening all, I`ve never posted in this forum before, and I guess I`m totaly in the wrong place as there are consumer forums, but I thought I`d give it a try incase someone can point me in the right place. The problem is this. A friend I work withwould like to make an annoymous complaint against his daughters school, together with other parents. On a recent school trip, he claims the kids were allowed to run wild, to the point of jumping on and running over cars, causing damage. Teachers often have partes outside of school hours, but during the week, resulting in a number of teachers driving to and turning up to each while still intoxicated. It was also noted, on this recent trip, a teacher was seen running around naked. I have a basic draft, but was wondering if any laws are being broken, IE - teaching while intoxicated, drink driving, criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, indecent exposure, etc etc. What I require is the relevant statutes and sections which are being broken, to make the complaint more professional, if you know what I mean? Hope someone can help. N.P
  21. Well, for a start, how do we know what they have made up is what the original would have been like? You could argue that they have deliberately withheld the lame original in an attempt to fob you off with a compliant knock-up. Also, sticking your signature on could be classed as a fraudulant attempt to extort monies from you via a knocked up agreement, when in fact their is no original to prove otherwise. And, anything else you can think of
  22. Evening all, Right, here we go again. Lately I have been receiving calls from CARS on my mobile phone. I have also received a text message with an URGENT message asking me by name, to ring them. Now, I don`t have a clue what the hell they want, but the only thing I can think of if this is regarding a Tiscali account. The problem is this. on New Years eve we moved house and I rang Tiscali and asked them to transfer our internet/phone service to the new house. They claimed they could not transfer the service as the line was still active. Now, prior to this, I plugged in a phone to see if the line was working at all and there was nothing at all. During the call to Tiscali, I told them they might as well cancel the service as we can`t use it, and I ended up joing TalkTalk, who actually own Tiscali, and are in fact changing everything over to TalkTalk. A month or so later, my other half rang them again and told them again, to cancel. She`s more friendly on the phone than I am. In March, 3 months after we moved I then decided to cancel the direct debit from my bank account. Now, a few months on from that, I have been receiving calls and texts from CARS, asking me to contact them. Tonight, I received a missed call, and I rang them back, using 141 and said "eat my sh#@it", strangely enough though, they rang back a few mins later stating they have returned my missed call. Eh? How did they do that? They kept asking me to indentify myself, but after telling them I was Mickey Mouse, and not to ring this number, they hung up on me? As they hung up on me, I rang them back and got some other gonk, who again I told to remove my number, and he asked what number. I said the number I`m ringing from you empty head. He claimed he did not have my number on his screen, so was unable to help me. Now, these idiots claim they know my address, IE, our old address where I know longer live, and asked me for our new address, of course which I did not tell them. I did inform them I have no contract with them, therefore I have no reason to speak to them. I was wondering if anyone else had any dealings with these morons? I`ve seen a few posts on the net where CARS are chasing up Tiscali accounts which have actually been closed. Are CARS and Tiscali in partnership? It seems to me that Tiscali may be refusing to close and cancel accounts in order to pass them on to CARS for a small fee. Thoughts anyone?
  23. Pay your weekly payments as usual, but inform them your not paying their charges. If they have any problems with that. argue it over in court. Also, tell them to remove the OSC and DLC immediately. These are nothing more than a con to trap you into debt while making them a profit. That`s why your paying 27 times as much for your goods, which are probably used and returned anyway. Also, if anyone keeps calling your number, then tell them EXACTLY where to go. Your number is for your personal use only, and not their business calls. If anyone calls around to your house, tell them to remove themselves from your property immediately, and deal with these parrassites in writing. Harrassment is an act of war!
  24. Hi Ma, Yep, that`s my point exactly! One could argue thy are deliberately withholding crucial information which would reveal the truth of the so-called service charges.
  25. If this gets to court they will say by using the account you have agreed to the current T`s & C`s. However, I beleive they must still provide a copy of the original agreement/opening form and original T`s & C`s, as of opening the account, as in the somewhere would be relevent sections as to costs of charges/fines etc, and also as to wether or not they can pass your details to third parties and also wether or not you agree to any changes in future. Everything starts with an agreement and I beleieve that original agreement/opening form is extremely relevent to this dispute. Wescott are nobodies, let them fester in their own crap. Tell them you thank for their concerns regarding your finances, however, yhou will only communicate, in writing with Lloyds TSB as Wesclott are no party to your contract. I`m in exactly the same boat, but not account is around 25 years old now. I have had some charges back but I require all, and interest. I beleieve I have deliberatly been misled from the start. I can rememeber when I opened my account a charge was only £5. Seems they caught on and upped the cost to make a nice profit from our misery.
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