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  1. I'm not sure where to turn now or who can help me. I'll try and be brief and probably need to be a bit evasive as it could go high profile. Someone made a false allegation to my employer which was not to do with me in the capacity of my work position. My emplyer then took it upon himself to have me independantly investigated. It has now been going on for more than 2 years. In that time i have written and asked for a copy of the complaint, I know i'm lawfully entitled to it, but have not been given it so in effect I do not know what the allegation entails. I was expected to attend an interview with the independent investigator but was advised no to go near without my union rep. I did attend a meeting with my union rep who was outraged at the treatment I had received and was to leave things with him and he would find out what was going on. He said he would need to get the union lawyers to look at it. For months I heard nothing and left messages to get my rep to call me. Eventually I got to speak to him and he said nothings happening, they've opened a can of worms and no-one knows what to do with it. He told me to sit tight and wait until my employer gets in touch to arrange a meeting with me as I have since submitted a medical report and have my doctors full backing that i'm unable to continue working for this person. This is the second time in the two years I have been off due to this problem. I haven't been at work since March 07 and my SSP has run out and I am now having to claim Incapacit Benefit and Income Support. Basically I feel my employer has acted inappropriately towards me making it impossible for me to return to his employment and I want my name cleared of these false allegations. I'm in a very difficult situation as my employer is a very high profile individual and feel my union is hoping I will just disappear. If anyone can help, advise me or has the experience to take my case up for me I would be very grateful.
  2. Hi lori, i decided to write to them today and let them know I wasn't happy with their response and if they couldn't come up with an acceptable solution i would be going to court to recover the charges. They have 7 days! Will have to do a Summary Cause as far too much money at stake to go through small claims. Court forms seem a bit daunting tho. :o
  3. I got the same letter from them today so thanks for this post lori. I will be keeping an eye on it. Can anybody out there help us please??:?
  4. This is my first post and I'd just like to say hi to everyone. I've had a browse around and it's all great advice. I would like to ask if there are any template letters for claiming back bank charges in Scotland and if so can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
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