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  1. Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I have been in dispute with creation finance for about 3 years regarding a sofa that we bought which was faulty. We managed to sort that out and have agreed with creation to pay the £600 they finally agree that we owe. The problem is they have recorded defaults with a credit reference agency for £3100 (interest on original balance which they have agreed we don't owe) This of course has resulted in a decline for credit which we are fuming about. Creation have sent us a letter dated 02/01/14 saying to pay within 14 days and once payment is received they will restore the credit file removing all defaults, the letter was recieved today and I am advising them i will pay within 14 days of receipt of letter. Am i in a position to ask that they remove them before we pay them or at least correct the amount owed and remove defaults ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Also we never stopped making payments as it was on a bnpl. We havent made any payments as they (creation) admitted liability for the repairs before the bnpl ended. They just havent arranged for it to be repaired yet. Therefore, I believe the defaults are incorrect & shouldnt be on my husbands credit file.
  3. Yes, we do have it in writing that we will pay the cash proce of the suite in full within 7 days of the repair being done. That was the agreement we have made with creation ...We would have defaulted more than 3 years ago otherwise not 6 months ago
  4. Can anyone help ?? I`m thinking that as the suite is still unrepaired and they have admitted liability for repair the account is in dispute until the repair is made and then the balance will be paid in full they cannot issue dfaults for non payment so I am going to put this in writing to them . I was just looking for advice on if i am right and how to word the letter.Thanks again
  5. Can anyone help me ? In 2008 we bought a sofa from land of leather, the stuffing in the back of the sofa fell into the corner after 2 weeks and it was fixed by LOL. However, when it happened again (we`d had it 3 months) LOL had gone into administration and as we bought it on a bnpl we contacted the finance company who after a lot of messing about agreed to fix the sofa and then we would pay the cash balance when it was done. Creation the finance company arranged for a repairer to come from solihull but as i work shifts it was hard to arrange for one to come out when im home (Its a 4 hour drive from solihull to were we live and my husband works away from home.) I left this with Creation to arrange but about 2 years ago we started recieveing letters advising the interest was on the account and we had defaulted, after several stern letters to creation, they agreed to remove the defaults and arrange for someone to repair the suite and we are STILL waiting.I looked at Experian credit file this morning and was shocked to discover creation had been regestering defaults for non payment against my husbands credit file since December last year. It is the only default on there and has reduced his credit rating to very poor (every other credit agreement on his file is perfect). We have recieved no correspondance from creation for about 2 years and to be honest Im that sick of chasing them up and wasting my time on phone calls and letters to rude customer service advisors at Creation and not getting anywhere.How do I go about sorting this out ? As I said we are happy to pay the cash price of the sofa when its repaired and thats what creation have agreed to. These defaults on my husbands credit file are worrying me as obviously it will have an impact on anything my husband tries to get credit for and his score was perfect before these defaults were added. Can a company register defaults on a disputed account without any communication with the customer ?Appreciate any help !!Thanks
  6. They cant do that dean50, they cant force entry into your home, think theyre just using scare tactics. If they do, which I very much doubt just phone the police
  7. Ive spokem to them and theyve set up a monthly dd which im happy with. Thanks for all your help
  8. Ring the council dean50, They sent a bailiff out to me last week (i wasnt in) Ive just rang them sorted out regular dd payment and the bailiffs womt be calling again. If it wasnt for this site, i would of let them in thinking there was no other choice.
  9. Just spoke to a lovely lady at the council who will stop the bailiffs as long as I pay £200 a month by DD which im happy to do......Thanks guys for all your help and guidance, you really are fantastic
  10. They made the appointment when i called them as instructed by the council, this was of course before i got this advice.
  11. So, I should contact the council & pay them direct and I should also refuse entry ? To be honest I have a very anti social rottweiler so them forcing their way in is a none entity, I just want to get it sorted.
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