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  1. I have complained to 3 about poor service, my contract is at the end of its 18 months and I am cancelling it not continuing it. I have had nothing but problems with them The most recent being: Basically one of their advisors saying he wont cancel my contract because I called 3 incompetent. He also said to me did it take me 18 months to realise they were incompetent. He also told me to write a complaint and "we will see who is right and who is wrong" along with shouting at me. They then disconnected the phone without notice a couple of days ago which I had not asked for and there was no money o/s arrears etc. I have complained to the executive office who have emailed me saying the phone call was not recorded (conveniently i think) apologising to me and offering a £30 credit to the account as a goodwill gesture. Should I take it or push for more? My final bill will probably be about £65 so I wouldn't mind getting it wiped. I think £30 is a bit low. Thoughts/advice please?
  2. yes enjoyed it cant beat a good winddup/argument see you again soon.
  3. wimbledon finished the other week. Or don't you have a tv licence either.
  4. I did know about them at the time and paid them I didn't refuse to or ignore them or say paperwork wasn't in order. Already reclaimed them, they were from a few years back. Like I said I never said I have never had money problems. I saw a way to get them back so thought I would. If it hadn't come about that you could I wouldn't of thought twice about it.
  5. Anyway enough of this i'm off for a beer. Keep on not paying your debts everyone and racking up charges. It means people like me who are in credit get free banking.
  6. I was just browsing and made a comment that has started a vendetta against me.
  7. I choose to answer the door and give people that are trying to earn a living the time of day. I once worked in sales door to door and it is not an easy job but it meant I could pay my bills so I did. Regardless of whether you buy what they are selling a bit of courtesy doesn't cost anything. I pay what I know exists on an account, as I look after my finances and would know if I was asked to pay anything different. I think what it comes down to is that i'm an honest person with morals and you are not. If I found a wallet in the street I would hand it in to the police station, you strike me as the kind of person who would take the cash out first.
  8. I was going to go and watch tv, but this is more fun then any soap opera
  9. Aren't you clever. Ok apolgies if I was wrong. Thought you were ignoring my petty comments. ps Believe is spelt believe not beleive.
  10. Have you never heard of just telling people your not interested? What says it all?
  11. Again I urge you to show me where I have said I have more morals than the rest of you out. Cowards way out, next you will be calling me abusive names. That's what people normally do who can have a constructive discussion.
  12. I was not putting you in that bracket, how do you know or in fact anyone else on here know that I have no real experience of debt problems?
  13. Threatening people with legal action for knocking on your door? Get a life. Do you have one of those signs saying no canvassers or door to door sales people as well. For your information I don't read Tabloids. Don't see the point in spending money on a newspaper when you can read as much news as you want to for free on the internet.
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