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  1. Nice letter, very fair Enron. I will watch with anticipation for the outcome, good luck.
  2. Thanks for the advice Enron. I read the KAZZAW thread the other day fascinatig stuff I am also watching with interest m55dlc's thread in Lloyd aswell.
  3. I have seen an ad in my local FREE paper from one of those "NO WIN NO FEE" ambulance chasers aswell! I just keep spreading the word to whoever will listen, and give them this web address.
  4. Nice curlychic, keep me posted as to how you get on as you are just ahead of me timewise. And good luck to ya (not that luck has anything to do with it!)
  5. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Just checked that phone number out, the girl who answered is gonna ring me straight back, the time now is 11:39am - 11:43 Chloe has just rang me back, and very kindly informed me that they received my letter on the 9th January and they do intend to get back to me (in the nick of time no doubt before the 40 days is up). They obviously have everything filed in date order and are dealing with each request as their 40 day deadline is due. Nice!
  7. Thanks Enron and curlychic both. I will try the number tomorrow and also send a letter mentioning my proposed complaint to the information commission in the case of their failure to comply with my SAR, on or around the middleish of Feb'. Will eep my thread updated anyway;)
  8. I have already won with First Direct, and I am still waiting for my statements from Lloyds. All the letters went on the same day (8th January ish!). I have rang the bank to chase them up and they said "all requests for statements are sent to a particular department and she didn't know the number". Anyway their 40 days will soon come round:D .
  9. SUCCESS, Letter received from FD today offering to pay back my bank charges in full. I had included the interest with my letter, but I am happy to accept their offer and not take things any further, as I was a bit nervous about it getting to the court stage. So, happy days. I am going to put a new thread in Lloyds TSB now because they are also on my list. I will be making a donation to this site as soon as my cash hits my bank. Thanks a lot CAG!!!! Cheers:D
  10. The man from Comet came yesterday, and he said it will have to go in to the repair centre, because he can't find a fault with it although there clearly is one! Well, 7 to 10 days he said it will be there for, they probably do it on purpose. He even asked me if I had an insurance policy or something to cover the repair. What's it got to do with the technician???
  11. Well, I wasn't exactly sure when I made the call to Comet so I agreed to the 30% charge, but it's still not too late is it! I will argue the toss with the technician when and if he tries to charge me.
  12. Comet are sending a technician out on Monday FREE call out and labour but, they said I will have to pay 30% towards any parts that need replacing. They were going to charge me for the lot until I mentioned the Sale of Goods Act, at which point I was immediatly passed over to a "senior" who checked with a local manager and came to this arrangement. I am happy with that because a week ago I would have accepted the charges and just sulked for a week vowing never to buy anything from Comet again. So, once again thanks very much for the advice rosicotton and to the CAG for a fantastic site! Hoping everything goes smoothly aftr this.
  13. Thanks rosie thats really helpful. I will chase that up with the store when i dig ou the receipt tomorrow.
  14. We bought a very expensive all singing/dancing Toshiba TV (£2k), 2 years ago which has started playing up big time. Are we within our rights to expect Toshiba to repair/ replace the item. We only had the standard 12 month warranty and it was bought from Comet or Currys can't remember exactly (they always have them next to each other in the retail parks, very confusing NOW!) the receipt .is filed away here somewhere. I've just sent an enquiry to th Tosiba UK website. Any help would b great.
  15. Hi everyone, I have started my claim against First Direct and Lloyds TSB a few weeks ago, not heard a thing from TSB (have asked for statements) so far, but sent claim for £420 to FD last week (who kindly returned my £10 cheque also), they acknowledged with a "10 days to reply" letter. Started to panic a bit about TSB though, cos we have a huge o/d, so have applied to Citibank for parachute account today! Anyway, I am also new to this Forum thing and Posting Threads etc... Never used them b4 so I apologise in advance if I make a mistake. I have a lot of learning to do now.
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