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  1. Thanks for your reply chesham. I agree with your advice about refraining from negative comments with regard to my current employer. I am a public sector employee at the moment, and both job offers have come from public sector employers, although, in slightly different sectors. My attendance record; prior to the incident; is very good, if not excellant, and my references should be equally good, therefore I am hoping consideration would be given to this. I'm just not sure, and after all, I have done nothing wrong.
  2. I have been off work with stress as a result of a bullying incident at work 3 months ago. The incident hasn't been resolved, and I am still being signed off with stress by my Dr, pending resolution. In the meantime, I have managed to get a couple off job offers. My dilemma though is; once my prospective new employers find out about my attendance, these offers will probably be withdrawn! Anybody have any knowledge of Occupational Health opinions on "work related stress" and offers of employment, subject to pre-employment checks? I'm worried if I can't get over this hurdle I might have to g
  3. Not in my job description, although I would be happy to train new staff if I were being paid to. I can appreciate that new staff need to be orientated within the department, but that to me means showing them where the toilets are etc, not giving details about the standards and full details of the job, quality of service etc. This should come from a manager or someone with relevant supervisory skills....
  4. Hi, I need some help with an issue at work. I am a clerk working in a small office in a busy department, there are 2 other clerks all of us are part time. There has been a vacant post for 8 months or so and they recently employed a new clerk bringing us up to our full quota of 3, along with a team leader (who also has other duties within the department). I was horrified to realise that myself and the other existing clerk are expected to train both of these new staff without any (even temporary) recognition! After challenging this with the line manager and more recently the department mana
  5. OMG, well I suppose it could have been worse then. Thanks for the input raydetinu, yes I will have to just bite the bullet with this. nevermind!
  6. Thanks raydetinu, well i have already handed over the fee, but i really felt i should be able to complain somewhere are they regulated by someone. I definetly won't be going back there.
  7. Hi, My old T reg 206 failed it's MOT last week (no surprise there) so I booked it in with the garage who carried out the MOT to have the work done, which was rear break pads, a cylinder which i was quoted £45 ish for and the emmissions failed on the exhaust system. I had the exhaust and cat fitted back in November from this same garage so i took along my receipt to cover any work for the exhaust. The garage hadn't contacted me all day so I went to collect the car at 3pm after work. They said they couldn't get the emissions down so had replaced a seal on the exhaust, that didn't work so
  8. I'm always around here curly, mostly reading I admit. ...... I do miss the chatroom though as it goes, it was nice to blow off a bit at the w'end, us with no babysitter an' all!
  9. Well, after all the bad news about Lloyds the other day, with that daft judge in Brum, my o/h's claim was settled yesterday. There was the letter when we got home "usually we don't refund etc,... but on this ocassion blah blah! His claim was for £782, and they have offered £750 which has already been credited to his account:). We were about 10 days past the LBA expiry date, but hadn't got round to the filing at court bit yet.....So anyone having second thoughts about going through with their claim take a bit of encouragement from this!
  10. Well, the standard "we are looking in to it" letter was received 2 weeks ago so today the LBA has been drafted and will be posted. 2 weeks from now, will probably be filing at court.
  11. benn1, i used the following address; RBS Plc Customer Relations Freepost Po Box 1727 Edinburgh EH12 9JN. You could use the branch, I'm sure they would redirect it for you. Don't forget to use recorded delivery though so you can trace it! Good luck
  12. Sorry Hazy, just reread your thread I didn't realise these are credit cards financed by RBS, and not a current account! The address I gave you may not be appropriate in your case, you would probably be better writing directly to the credit cards own address, ie Mint customer care etc, the address will be on the prepaid envelope they send along with your bill. Sorry, in my haste to help I get a bit carried away !!!!:o
  13. Found this address for your SAR, i can't remember where i sent mine, Data Protection Consultant Business Risk - Retail HBOS plc Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG I think all requests are forwarded internally to the correct department anyway, no matter what address you use (as long as it's a valid RBS one!) As far as closing your account they seem to treat everyone differently, though i imagine if your claim is substantial they will be keen to close you down IMO. They are covered by English law if the branch the account is held in is English and Scottish alike! if that
  14. Prelim letter sent today: Account No: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to ask you to refund to me the charges which you have levied from the above-mentioned account over the last five years. I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to direct debit refusals, exceeding overdraft limits and so forth are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent consumer regulations. If you say that they are not, then will you please demonstrate this by letting me have a full breakdown of the costs to which you have been put by as a result of my br
  15. Just subscribing to this thread, I will shortly be starting a claim for a friends business account which was closed last year by RBS. I'm at the point where I have added up the charges alone to over £14k. I haven't done a business claim before so will be looking here for all the help I can get.
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