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  1. It was Motormile Finance. They've left another message on my work phone today, despite me emailing them to tell them never to leave messages on my work phone. The message said "Hello this is XXX from Motormile Finance. We are due to carry out a doorstep visit at your property. To avoid the unnecessary embarrassment of us turning up unannounced, please telephone bla blah blah to make an appointment. Luckily, I was in the office on my own at the time but anybody could have heard the message and it is so obviously a debt collector. I am beyond furious with the scumbags
  2. I am absolutely fuming. They left a very explicit message making it quite clear who they were on my work answerphone which is obviously a work phone as the message states the department and hospital. They are threatening to turn up on my doorstep (they have my old address) but nevertheless, I'm so angry I could spit. I have previously offered them monthly repayments which they turned down as they said it was too low (was £30 a month for a £500 debt).
  3. Well D day (default day) has arrived and my wage is unscathed. Although I had cancelled my card a few days ago, I was worried sick that the loan companies were going to somehow wipe out my bank account and I wouldn't be able to pay my bills and rent. I now need to compose letters offering a payment plan and I'm not quite sure where to start and would appreciate some guidance. Many thanks
  4. Hi Sillygirl I've already informed payroll at work that I am changing banks but they couldn't do it in time for this month's wage. I can't claim benefits as myself and my husband work full time. I will do an I&E now. Thanks for your advice
  5. I have been in the vicious circle of payday loans for months and have just about managed to pay the interest every month but I've had enough so have decided to let the loans default. I owe £800 to Quickquid, £485 to Wonga, £400 to WDA, £200 to Cash Genie and £180 to Textloan (was £117 but have already defaulted). I could absolutely kick myself for getting in to this mess. Due to a recent attachment of earnings for council tax and increased outgoings for bills etc, I only have about £300 a month left to pay off these loans. I have switched bank accounts for my wage but unfortunately, didn't
  6. My husband has just received a £38 charge on 22nd October for a supposedly unpaid item on 1st October (don't know what). I though they reduced their charges from 1st October? I hate these bloodsuckers. I have a claim in with them for about £4,000 of charges - they subsequently defaulted me on my overdraft which was around £1,500 which I am paying off in installments.
  7. Apex are an absolute nightmare. I pay £30 standing order with them to clear my Natwest overdraft (about £1500) and a couple of months ago, I missed a payment because I had more going out of my wage than coming in. They keep pestering me on my mobile and home phones and leaving stupid automated messages to ring them and I have received a letter about my account which is "in serious arrears". My payments have come out fine since. I refuse to answer the phone to them because they are so snotty on the phone. I currently have a claim in for around £5,000 against Natwest. They offered me a
  8. Hi I'm new to site and never knew that you could claim back unlawful charges. How do I know if I can claim? I had an account with Natwest with a £1,500 overdraft (this now stands at about £2,200 due to charges upon charges). When I was last using the account last year, at one point I was incurring charges of £500 plus per month. The most galling charge was 2 x £38 for a £1 direct debit that they bounced! Some of the charges probably were justified but I can't believe this one. I am now getting chased to pay off the overdraft, which I can't afford to do in one go so I am in the proce
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