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  1. They would have known as the CC fraud dept would have tracked back all recent transactions on the card to ascertain firstly if there was an opportunity for the card details to be cloned or copied so that they could avoid liability if there was no such case, and secondly to identify any security breach with a merchant. On face value it seems that the merchant involved has a bad apple in there somewhere and in all probability they'll have quietly got rid of them.
  2. That is one of if not the worst website I have ever seen !!! Ufindus should be providing him with a traffic report re hits and locations so that he can tailor his marketing, if not just ask them for it. If I was looking for a plumber in the area and I saw that site I'd just cross him off the list straight away at face value, just my opinion from the site btw, not a reflection of his work or skill.
  3. AFAIK a competent person can do the work, just the same as part P, the caveat is however the the person doing the installation would be liable for any losses caused by negligence. In the case of a Gas install, you'll plumb the boiler yourself then have a gas safety check done by your "corgi" (no monopoly there, no ripping off plumbers for renewal certs) certificated engineer and alls well and good. like i say as i understand it. it's irrelevant anyways because any richard cranium can change a heating circulation pump, just some of us know the way the water's meant to flow !!!
  4. Thank god my feedback is only 99.3% that'll stop the aliens probing my ass Sorry to say it but from my dealings ebay and paypal and andale and skype, who said "monopoly" are really self interested, but all you can do is send them the whole set of correspondence and neg the muppet.
  5. I'm suprised they haven't rolled over, I had a near identical issue 2 years ago, the postie steamed through the driveway gates so fast (strange, but true) that he smashed the rear light of my car with the latch. I put in a claim, gave them 2 estimates and they paid out on the lower estimate in under 2 weeks. Possibly it helped that my saw him do it but if they were going to hide behind immunity i thought they would have done it then.
  6. Very sensible way of doing it, just remember to clear your cache and cookies and close your browser before using the link from the cashback site otherwise someone elses tracking cookiie could be in there : I use firefox as it's a lot quicker than IE to clean out. This is this years with car insurance and breakdown cover commissions to come
  7. Alan in answer to your question about recompense, in the case of one company who pay the "largest amount of commission in the uk" if they issue the ticket themselves then they pay the landowner 10 pounds per ticket, if the landowner uses their DIY kit they pay 25 pounds per ticket issued.
  8. I agree with parking restrictions for everyones benefit and safety, I agree with the principle of the police enforcing the law by consent, i do not agree with people trying to add legitamacy to their cause by handing out sweets to some people then actively stealing them from 10 times as many other children while smiling nicely. If you take a step back and look at the nature of posts and the colusion going on G and M you can't fail to see a pattern of self preservation by whatever means possible. face facts, IF oneday there is a seminal ruling on the subject that goes against the PPC's then theres going to be a lot of people out looking for an honest living. So regardless of who the poster is, so long as they are affiliated with a PPC then the motive for being here is not altruism, if it was they'd be crap businessmen, wouldn't they ?
  9. peteJ we are not worthy, very eloquently put
  10. In one ear and out the other I made that point a whole page back, the scots have it sussed, if you want the land for your own use and no one elses then buy a gate. If however you want to try it on for personal gain then become a PPC.
  11. Blueskies Thanks for your concern, however there are no allegations in the post towards any individual, just a statement of fact that the OP of the post in pepipoo which said come and see how great a certain CAG member is, originated from Wolverhampton. Point 3 was the killer really
  12. 1/ the quote has been removed, but you were quoting yourself and saying that you must have read a different post in the 2nd person, i'm not one to cast aspersions but it did sound a bit like you'd forgotten who you were. 2/ i never said that you were on the same node as anyone else, if i feel like it you can ping me in china, englewood CA, costa rica or anywhere else I fancy, however it just begged the question as to why the huge reaction when the OP on Pepipoo just happened to use the same node as someone in wolverhampton would ? possibly forgot to change proxies ?? 3/ it's all a distraction anyway you all know you're peeing into the wind and looking desperately for a towel as everyone knows or is soon made aware of the game being played.
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