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  1. need help cant start thread advice on pre six years bank claims etc sorry to hijack
  2. i have had an account with alliance and leicester since 1992 no idea what the charges would be but have sent them a sar they sent back 6 years worth so i wrote telling them i wnated all the information they hold on me and pointed out they have now run out of time so sent a non compliancce letter giving them 7 days this willl be up next week
  3. thanks livelylad just look forward to getting my cash back then if a court day is set and they dont turn up what happens then appart from i would win i assume will the judge penalise them for wasting time
  4. even better nice 4 day weekend
  5. Do I still have to attend ? any ideas how long before they pay up, I would quite like them to turn up and justify there costs could be quite funny
  6. I have now successfully gone through all the stages and I am currently 14 days into mcol thanks to all the people and threads on this site. This I find is the most frustrating part of the process I have recieved a&l aknowledgement and that they intend to defend, I am however asuming that the 28 days includes weekends in which case they have 14 days to supply a defence. they have also taken over £2,000 in additional charges since starting this process so will be going back after them again. this is the best savings plan I have ever had. Now totally smitten going after amex aswell would say wish me luck but really doesnt seem necessary
  7. sorry that wasnt a link was ment to be smiley face thing should apply to anyone on 40 % tax
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gifThis seems rather dull on the face of it, but anyone on the higher rate of income tax who’s not doing this could be missing out on lots of cash. A beginner’s guide to claiming back the money: When you pay into a Personal or Stakeholder pension you get tax relief at the normal rate of income tax - 22% (i.e. for every £78 pension contribution on your pay slip, £100 goes into your pension – so the tax bods give you back 22% of the full amount).* If earn more than £33,301 you pay the higher rate of income tax (40%), but you still only automatically get the 22% tax relief.* However, you are entitled to claim the additional 18% on your pension payments. All you need to do is send your P60 (that you’ll get at the end of this month) and a covering letter detailing your gross pension contributions for the year (i.e. what’s going into your pension, rather than what’s coming off your pay slip) to the following address. Then they’ll calculate what you are owed. HM Revenue and Customs Birmingham Office City Centre House 30 Union Street Birmingham B2 4AE
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