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  1. Received confirmation today from NCCBS, claim stayed.. Many thanks for all the help.
  2. 28 days plus 5 are up tomorrow on my case, will be interesting to see if I get anything on Friday or Saturday as that's usually when 'bad news' post arrives.
  3. That would be 28 days plus 5 for service.?, and the case is stayed if they do nothing?. What would be the best course of action now?.
  4. Letter received from mortimer clarke today, " we have received your defence, we are taking instructions in relation to your defence and will come back to you as soon as we can.. we will place the matter on hold until we hear further from it".
  5. Letter received from NCCBS today acknowledging service of defence on Cabot/mortimer Clarke so ball is in their court now.
  6. MCOL has now updated to state that i have submitted a defence or part admission.
  7. Emailed defence response sent to MCOL and NCCBS... acknowledgement email received from both.
  8. There is still a bar in place on MCOL for this case, should i be sending my defence to the court in writing just in case?
  9. Thankyou for your help, i'll file the defence as soon as the bar is lifted on MCOL.
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