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  1. Hello can any one tell me where to find 1st witness statement that you include with your court bundle please Daz
  2. Hello, got my letter from SC&M saying full refund with interest and all court cost just had to sign it and send it back, did that last week today phoned and asked when would the money be paid into my account and was told it could take upto 5 weeks. My court date is the 17th of this month do I still go court? Daz
  3. my partner got her refund after just 2 letters to Halifax, Lloyds are just the worst for getting your money back
  4. i`m in court on 17th next month hope it gets refunded before that date
  5. Hi, Which part of the banks T&C should you point out in court to help your case?? Darren T
  6. if the big day ever comes I thing I would end up making a mess of it and not being able to put my case across.... Darren T
  7. thanks for that help........half of me wants to see them in court and put up a good case
  8. how can Lloyds still win cases if no bundles are served and they dont show up at court?
  9. Thanks for your help... Darren T
  10. Hello All, First what a top site. Next month in court again LLOYDS TSB sent my court bundle in with time to spare. not had a bundle back from LLOYDS yet. Can any one tell me what kind of things to bring up at court and to press the judge with my bundle. just want to use my time in court to the best and put across the main things. Thanks Darren T
  11. Thanks Fendy, a nice reply you have made me feel better already......let you know what happens. Take care Daz xxxx
  12. Hi, Natwest had until 11/06/2007 to submit a defence on the 12/06/2007 I checked the money claim on-line web site and no defence had been sumited, so I entered judgement then on the 13/06/2007 I checked the web site again and I found the bank had put in a defence dated 09/06/2007 and I phoned the court to be told that this was ok because my judgement had not been passed Daz
  13. but the money claim on-line site still did not have a defence from Natwest when i logged on this morning. so it must be when the court gets the defence that counts not me Daz
  14. Can anyone help me please? I put a claim in against natwest the bank did acknowledged it so that gave them 28 days, that ran out yesturday. So first thing this morning I enterd judgement against them. then the postman came and I had a letter from the bank saying it was serving me with a defence the letter was dated the 11/06/2007 but I dint get the letter until today, Is it to late for the bank??? Daz
  15. Gary H, Can you tell me where to look for the T&C on the wayback machine for Lloyds what does the T&C come under? Daz
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